MCU Leak: Marvel Eyes Janelle Monáe for Storm in ‘Black Panther 2’

Black Panther is easily one of the MCU’s most triumphant films to date. Cinematic spectacle aside, the film dove headfirst into a sociopolitical discussion that deserved to hit the silver screen. Black Panther approached culturally relevant topics ranging from the preservation of identity and the west’s views of Africa to the challenging of power structures, all while keeping fans suspended in anticipation and starry-eyed at the beauty of the costumes and set designs reflecting African culture.

Janelle Monae to star in Black Panther 2 Storm
Janelle Monáe | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The film won three Oscars and was nominated in the Best Picture category. The film was also recognized at the Golden Globes, yet failed to snag the award for Best Drama. Given this film’s critical success, audience adulation, and box office turnout, it should come as no surprise that Marvel is planning to release a sequel. And, one of the most well-known Marvel and DC insiders recently released a scoop concerning a character addition. 

While Black Panther already features an incomparable cast, that doesn’t mean we can’t add another awesome performer to the mix. Black Panther may serve to introduce one of the most popular X-Men to the MCU, Storm. And, it looks like Janelle Monáe is at the top of Marvel Studio’s shortlist. 

Mikey Sutton gave Strip Marvel the inside scoop on Storm, Janelle Monáe, and ‘Black Panther 2’

Mikey Sutton recently shared a video with his private Facebook group, Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture, where he shares the insider knowledge he acquires surrounding the MCU and DCEU. According to Sutton, and announced by Strip Marvel, Black Panther 2, set to hit theaters in May of 2022, will bring X-Men’s Storm into the MCU. 

While Marvel likely has a shortlist containing a few different names for the part, it looks like Janelle Monáe is sitting at the top of the list. Ever since the Fox/Disney merger, fans have been wondering how Feige and Co. would incorporate the Fantastic Four and the X-Men into the MCU, and it looks like the plan is to incorporate the X-Men in pieces — in various different Marvel installments across time.

Deadpool will likely serve to introduce a few other X-Men into the MCU as well.  However, given that Storm is one of the most pivotal mutants in the comic books, as well as in previous cinematic takes, her character’s introduction and subsequent storyline are vital. Does Monáe have what it takes to nail the part? 

Can Janelle Monáe carry Storm in ‘Black Panther 2?’

Janelle Monáe may be a singer-songwriter; however, she’s had some practice honing those acting chops, and she should be able to give a convincing performance as the one and only Storm (a part closely tied to Oscar-winner Halle Berry).

Monáe recently appeared in Welcome to Marwen and stars in Harriet. She also had a lead role in the critically-acclaimed Hidden Figures and starred in Moonlight. When it comes down to it, Monáe is a major talent with experience across music and film; she’s got this under control (if Marvel chooses to move forward with her).