MCU Phase 4 to Pave the Way For 3 X-Men Fox Undervalued?

While the X-Men were under Fox’s leadershi[, a handful of mutants were placed in the spotlight — many of whom stayed front and center for several installments throughout the franchise’s lengthy run. From Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and James McAvoy’s Professor X to the two Storms — Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp — it seems specific mutants were alway deemed more worthy than others. However, the MCU is paving the way for new mutants to take the reigns with Phase 4. 

UNSPECIFIED – JULY 10: X-Men, comic strip from magazine Strange | Apic/Getty Images

Based on what we know about Phase 4 — movies and TV shows set to premiere, easter eggs sprinkled throughout the saga, and narrative progressions in the comics that would align with the current timeline — it seems that three X-Men, previously undervalued, may take center stage when the MCU introduces mutants. 

Jubilee and the connection to ‘Blade’

If you’ve never seen episodes from the X-Men animated series and have yet to read the comics, you may not recognize the name above. Jubilee joined the X-Men in the 1990s, becoming one of the youngest mutants to take a seat on the team. In short, she is a Chinese-American heroine who shoots firework-like plasmoids from her hands, as Looper explains. So, why is she bound to show up in the MCU’s rebooted X-Men franchise? 

A few years back, when the X-Men once found themselves going up against Vampires, Jubilee was bitten by Xarus (the son of Dracula), and she became a vampire. With Mahershala Ali’s Blade coming soon, the vampire hunter may find a foe (or friend, depending on the approach) in the beloved Jubilee. 

While seeing vampires in the overarching main saga would be a surprise, introducing Jubilee via this route seems more than probable. Not to mention, it’s likely that the X-Men will be introduced in pieces before we receive a full roster of mutants in a major movie. 

Magik and ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ 

While Magik is one of the most powerful and fascinating mutants, the character has never received the silver screen treatment she deserves. Yet, considering Nightmare will be the main villain in Doctor Strange 2, as We Got This Covered reported, the character seems bound to make an appearance. 

Magik and Nightmare’s narratives interweave in the comics and Magik is a perfect complement to Doctor Strange, as she is a skilled sorceress capable of wielding various powerful spells. She can even wield the Eye of Agomotto; could she be the next Sorcerer Supreme, as Looper suggests?

Magik is also Colossus’s little sister, and considering Colossus has appeared in Deadpool — a character now under Marvel’s reign as well — there is more than one way to bring her to the party. 

Will Namor appear in ‘Black Panther 2?’ 

Namor: Marvel’s first mutant. Isn’t it time he got a little more on-screen attention? Namor is Marvel’s King of Atlantis, and he happens to boast quite the complicated history with Black Panther and Wakanda. 

Namor has fought alongside the good guys and against them; however, across time, he has gained a reputation as a “good guy.” Will Marvel first show his villainous side and capitalize on the story in which he attacked Wakanda with his own army, destroying the city? Such an approach would make for a long-gestating character arc if they plan to keep Namor around. In Endgame, Okoye mentioned a sub-oceanic earthquake off the coast of Africa. Was this a hint or a coincidence? You decide.