MCU: Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom May Fall in Love in Phase 5

As one of the most highly-anticipated original Marvel shows coming to Disney+, WandaVision will premiere in 2021 and segue into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Doctor Strange 2 is slated to be released later that year.

Understanding the above timeline — adding in the presumed narratives for both productions and Marvel’s rumored intentions to add Doctor Doom as a future “big baddie” — the story in which Wanda and Doctor Doom fall madly in love becomes a strong possibility. 

Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, and Teyonah Parris of WandaVision
Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, and Teyonah Parris of ‘WandaVision’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Let’s start with what we know about WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2 before venturing into the twisted romance between Doom and the powerful being he comes to hold captive, Scarlet Witch.

What will ‘WandaVision’ be about, and how will it lead to ‘Doctor Strange 2’? 

We know that WandaVision is set to take place during the 50s and 60s — think of it as Marvel’s superpowered take on I Love Lucy. We also know that Paul Bettany’s Vision died in Infinity War, yet will somehow manage to return to the series; the actor himself has no idea how the writers have managed to bring his character back into existence, as ComicsVerse notes. We also know that the show will reveal to fans how Wanda Maximoff earned her Scarlet Witch title. 

Wanda — trying to deal with the pain of losing Vision — likely conjures a time and a place — fabricating a comfortable existence before either of them came to be — in the 1950s. Using her powers to forge a reality in which Vision is still alive, many believe that Wanda’s actions will mirror the fan-favorite comic House of M. 

Forging this reality, in and of itself, will represent Wanda’s psychotic break; however, what happens when the reality falters? What happens when the world she has created cracks? 

Something has to go wrong, and her universe will crumble. If Vision is literally a figment of her imagination, he cannot exist forever. Wanda must come to grieve; through pain and power, she becomes Scarlet Witch. 

Now, what about Doctor Strange 2. As ComicsVerse notes, it seems most probable that she causes a fracture in the Multiverse by creating a world and failing to uphold it; Doctor Strange then comes into the picture via the silver screen. 

Strange would be the one able to notice a problem with the multiverse; he could sense a change in the dimensions, and set out to fix it. When they team up, Wanda could be forced to face reality, face what she has done, and grieve the death of her loved one all at once— setting up Doctor Doom’s perfect entrance — via intense vulnerability.

Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch’s love story

In one tale, Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch engage in quite the whirlwind romance, with clear Stockholm syndrome vibes. In the story, she abandons the Avengers, devastated by the loss of the children she fabricated; however, this time around, she could simply be devastated by the loss of Vision. 

Wanda winds up living in Doctor Doom’s castle, and when her son — one she manages to will into reality — comes to save her, he discovers that she is marrying Doom the very next day.

Obviously, Marvel would need to toy with the savior (unless children are introduced in the Disney+ series); however, considering Wanda’s fractured mind is what led to Doom and Wanda’s love story, why should it be any different on the silver screen? 

Rumor has it that Kevin Feige is already setting up Doom’s entrance and such a dark turn, following the horror slant coming in Doctor Strange 2, would fit within the narrative perfectly. The MCU is taking risks, could it turn Wanda, even if for a brief moment, into the Dark Phoenix of the MCU? In this same twisted tale, she is responsible for the deaths of many, many mutants.