MCU: ‘The Walking Dead’ Star David Morrissey to Play Galactus Over Liam Neeson?

Galactus — AKA The Devourer of Worlds — is a godlike supervillain whose presence in Marvel comics warrants an MCU appearance at the level of Thanos; one movie would be an injustice to the character’s indelible influence over the Marvel landscape. Could we finally get a standalone villain movie

Galactus opposes the entire Marvel universe, yet directs his attention specifically on the Fantastic Four. Now that the Disney/Fox merger has placed previously unusable characters within reach, Galactus has been pegged as the next big baddie, according to multiple digital publications and credible leakers.

The Walking Dead star David Morrisse
‘The Walking Dead’ star David Morrissey | Photo by Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage

Requiring entire worlds to satiate his hunger, the character presents one of the largest threats the world has ever known in the comic books; thus, the actor set to take on the role will have major shoes to fill.

Not to mention, the actor behind Galactus will have to follow Josh Brolin, whose performance as Thanos has been hailed by critics and audiences alike. According to We Got This Covered, Marvel has a shortlist, including Liam Neeson and The Walking Dead star David Morrissey. So, who’s more likely to snag the role? 

What we know so far about Galactus’ casting: Liam Neeson vs. David Morrissey 

According to We Got This Covered, a source close to the publication revealed that The Walking Dead Star David Morrissey is on Marvel’s wishlist for the part. The same source confirmed that Ewan McGregor was returning to Star Wars as Obi-Wan and that Moon Knight was on his way to the MCU, both of which were later confirmed. Thus, we can put a little bit of faith behind this no-name leaker. 

David Morrissey and Liam Neeson have both been discussed internally; however, whether either of them has been approached is a different story, as We Got This Covered notes. Though Liam Neeson may seem like the better pick at face-value— offering far-reaching star-power — Morrissey may be the better match. 

Liam Neeson may boast household name recognition, but Morrissey hails from one of TV’s most popular shows, with a fanbase, and a fandom world, all its own. Taking The Walking Dead star and transplanting him into the MCU feels like an appropriate shift: from one intricate world to another. 

Liam Neeson could definitely take the role; however, it’s likely that he’s been eyed largely on what his voice would bring to the character and, depending on the physical demands the role elicits, as well as the look required, Morrissey may be the better fit. 

Neeson is 67, while Morrissey is only 55, and this movie is still a few years out! Yet, we also have reason to believe, based on another credible Marvel insider — that Morrissey may be the more likely choice.

Roger Wardell talks David Morrissey in the MCU

If you are a Marvel enthusiast who does not know who Roger Wardell is, you’re more of a mild fan. Wardell, since predicting much of Endgame, has been hailed in the community as one of, if not the, most reliable Marvel leaker. And, according to Wardell, the guys over at Marvel love them some Morrissey. 

Wardell posted on Twitter, “Marvel Studios are a big fan of David Morrissey and are considering multiple roles for him for Phase 4.” You can see the original post below.

If Marvel wants Morrissey, as well as the fandom world tied to The Walking Dead to come flocking, they will give him Galactus. Liam Neeson may be in the discussion, but all factors considered, it seems like Morrissey is more likely to snag the gig.