MCU to Turn Iconic Villain From X-Men Franchise Into a Hero

The X-Men are bound to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as soon as deemed narratively appropriate and beneficial to the existing saga. Kevin Feige will not rush their introduction, nor is he one to rely on hype alone for ticket sales. Marvel Studios must deliver on the high expectations intimately tied to the X-Men legacy. But how? The MCU has quite the challenge ahead.

Fox has already produced several X-Men movies, casting incomparable actors in leading roles, such a Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Jennifer Lawrence, and more. The MCU must cast equally talented individuals, yet stray from rehashing the same plotlines Fox exploited. In other words, Wolverine cannot be at the center, and the Magneto-Professor X conflict should probably take a backseat to comic book arcs that have yet to receive the silver screen spotlight. 

Marvel Studios MCU
Marvel Studios | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

Disney will not imitate Fox, yet complete exclusion of specific stories and characters would be a disappointment. So, how do you strike the proper balance? How do you feed desires while also pushing forth original, inspired, and creative content? Based on insider reports, Marvel has begun to work on the X-Men introduction and has plans to take Magneto in a very different direction. 

Magneto could become one of the MCU’s primary saviors

Magneto was a primary antagonist throughout most of the Fox X-Men movies. Though he sometimes made decisions for the good of humankind, he often risked mutant lives, endangered humans, and challenged Professor X to reach the goals he deemed worthy of effort – and worthy of taking the many lives that would come to stand in his way. 

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When the MCU introduces Magneto, he may come into the soiree as a villain, posing a threat in an Avengers/X-Men mash-up. However, he will reportedly come to lead the fight against Doctor Doom when Secret Wars rolls around. 

EpicStream reported — relying on Mikey Sutton’s intel to Youtube channel Lords of the Longbox — that Marvel is planning to “gradually emphasize the presence of Magneto and Doctor Doom in the MCU,” presumably in tandem (or in close succession). 

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Villain to savior to standalone origin story? 

EpicStream goes on to note that Marvel will introduce the metal manipulator as a villain, but stray from this depiction rather quickly. He will work alongside the Avengers, fighting as a hero when Doctor Doom comes to threaten humanity (and more) in a Secret Wars film. 

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Seeing Magneto spend a majority of his time fighting alongside the good guys will be a refreshing spin on the character. However, providing the bad guy background fans know and love is an integral first step — and likely the reason it is part of the plan. How could you completely exclude the character’s dark, destructive, manipulative, and sometimes macabre side?

Such a move could lay the groundwork for personal growth, working to establish the basis for heroism. And, maybe fans could receive a future origin film (or character trilogy) in the MCU…one Fox never provided.