Meek Mill Revealed This Disturbing Fact About His Feud With Drake

Meek Mill has been candid over the past several years about his battle with pills. In a recent interview, he revealed a disturbing fact that relates to pills and his old feud with his friend Drake.

Meek mill and Drake
(L-R) Meek Mill, Drake | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images, Prince Williams/Wireimage)

How did Meek Mill and Drake’s feud begin?

Mill and Drake began feuding in 2015 after he accused the Canadian rapper of using ghostwriters, including their previous collaboration, “R.I.C.O.” He send out several posts on social media criticizing Drake. In return, Drake released the diss track, “Charged Up.” Meek Mill also released a Drake diss track, “Wanna Know.”

It was Drake’s second diss track, “Back to Back,” which had the most impact. It reached No. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was even nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Performance. After the success of “Back to Back,” the feud seemingly cooled.

When did Meek Mill and Drake stop beefing?

Mill and Drake’s feud officially ended in September 2018 when Drake brought out Mill for a performance when he was on tour. Drake talked about the powerful moment on Instagram.

He posted a photo with the caption, “This really gave me peace of mind tonight. Healing and moving forward created one of the most electric and gratifying moments of my career. @meekmill I’m happy that you are home and that we could find our way back to our joint purpose.”

The duo took things a step further when they collaborated on the track “Going Bad,” the lead single from Mill’s fourth studio album, Championships. The single has been certified double-platinum and reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Shortly after uniting on stage, Mill spoke about amending things with Drake in a Vulture interview. He revealed that even before that moment, they had been talking and worked things out. “Me and Drake have actually been communicating for the last year,” he said. “Even before I went to prison. It was based on the right time. We ain’t have nothing going on but a rap beef, we didn’t cause harm to each other. I think it took both of us going through some ups and downs, me in my career. It made me stronger. I’m moving off love right now, so it was only proper to link with someone I actually did business with before and called my friend before.”

Meek Mill has no recollection of why he went after Drake

Two years after the feud, Mill was sent to prison for violating parole. In the time since then, his case has been seen as a miscarriage of justice and indictment of the failures of the American criminal justice system. An Amazon docuseries, Free Meek, chronicles the case and what went wrong. Since his time out of prison, Mill has been reflective of his prior years as well as his pill habit, which he said exacerbated his actions.

On his feud with Drake, Mill recently said, “If you ask me about why I came at Drake, I don’t even f***ing really really really know. Everybody be saying Nicki [Minaj]…that wasn’t the case. They always had their relationship before me… I could never let that be the one reason why I’m mad at him… I just ain’t really know when I look back.”

When talking with Charlamagne the God about his pill usage and the health problems that young rappers are having, Mill said, “I never disclosed this, but I was popping 10 [percocet pills] 30’s [milligrams] a day. You walking with death. Real s**t. You pop two in the morning, they gonna wear off by four…I had to make a decision with myself. You gonna be a high pill popper or you gonna be a millionaire bossed up type n***a. They ain’t mix. I ain’t never see a millionaire bossed-up pill popper in my life.”

Because of the deaths of artists like Juice WRLD, it seems that Mill wants to speak out to stop it from happening more. And now that they are on good terms, perhaps we’ll get more Drake and Meek Mill collaborations over the next few years.