Meet the Cartoonist Tickling the ‘Real Housewives” Funny Bone

Art really imitates life or reality life thanks to the hilarious Real Housewives and Bravo-inspired cartoons by Leslie Carrier.

Carrier has artfully nailed both the visual and humorous satire of all things Bravo in her work. She captures iconic moments from various franchises ranging from The Real Housewives to Below Deck. Her work is not only getting noticed and voraciously consumed by fans, but Bravoebrities also can’t get enough too.

Leslie Carrier | Photography credit Leslie Carrier

“I was so surprised and honored,” Carrier told The Cheat Sheet when she learned that Bravo stars were sharing her work on social media. Most recently, Carrier’s cartoon of Lisa Rinna went viral. A number of Real Housewives posted and re-posted it on their Instagram stories.

This is how Carrier became inspired

Carrier is a professional graphic designer by trade. But she pivoted to cartooning Real Housewives after watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey with her mother. “I have my mom to thank for this,” she laughs. “I was visiting my parent’s house from college when the first season of the New Jersey Housewives came around.” She says she was completely fascinated and taken by the series. “It is all behind the backdrop of luxury and escapism. I love the trips they go on.”

At the time, she used her Bravo muse as an inspiration to create birthday cards for friends and family members. “For my mom, I’d make them Housewives themed,” she recalls. In fact, her mother got a sweet Dorinda Medley birthday card: How do I feel about turning another year older? Not well bitch. Clip!

Eventually, Carrier’s network urged her to start sharing her work on social media, something the humble artist was a little nervous to do. “I made up the hashtag ‘thirsty fan art.’ While I don’t tag people all the time, it feels thirsty when I do,” she laughs.

Bravoebrities can’t get enough

Many Bravo personalities are celebrating and sharing Carrier’s work. Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules and Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm follow her on Instagram. Plus Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck and Carl Radke from Summer House are Twitter fans.

A number of Bravoebrities repost Carrier’s work like a badge of honor. Below Deck alum, Caroline Bedol got a kick out of the cartoon portraying her on the show. “This @LeslieACarrier creation was published nearly one month ago on Instagram, where I ‘spilled the milk,’ last night,” Bedol tweeted. “Leslie’s illustrations combine good-humor, sharp-wit, and a love for Bravo reality television. I’m honored to be in this one.”

Carrier says she’s always so touched when one of her subjects likes her cartoons. “I’m always so happy when someone I draw actually finds it funny and likes it,” she says.

Bravo fans can lap it up too

Carrier adds that she takes great pains to capture her subjects as accurately as possible, but with a cartoonish flair. Her drawings are all created freehand. Plus, she gets her inspiration from the shows and pop culture surrounding the Bravo world.

She currently sells her artwork on Etsy. Fans can devour an extremely cool Vanderpump Rules adult coloring book, fun Real Housewives magnets and a slew of posters and cards. Thankfully, Carrier plans to expand her Bravo art empire to include other items, possible t-shirts and more.

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