Meet the Woman Who May Be Meghan Markle’s Secret Wedding Planner

With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding quickly approaching, people are dying to know who Markle’s maid of honor will be, and also who’s behind the wedding planning. Surprisingly, both roles might very well be held by the same person: Markle’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney.

Read on to learn more about the mystery woman Markle trusts enough to help her plan the royal wedding of her dreams — including exactly how she’s helping pull off the event (page 6).

1. Who is Jessica Mulroney?

Jessica Mulroney posing in a green suit.
Jessica Mulroney | Jessica Mulroney via Instagram

Mulroney is known as the “Gwyneth Paltrow of Toronto.” She’s a successful stylist in Canada who specializes in styling celebrities.

She’s married to TV personality and broadcaster, Ben Mulroney, who is the son of the former Canadian Prime Minister.

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2. Mulroney and Markle are best friends

Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle in a car.
They have a very special bond. | Jessica Mulroney via Instagram

According to Bazaar, the two met while Markle was living in Canada filming her long-time role on Suits. The two became fast friends and have remained close ever since.

Markle relies heavily on Mulroney as her unofficial personal stylist (she is a professional, after all, and values her opinions).

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3. Jessica knew about the couple before most people

Meghan Markle sitting at a dinner table with Jessica Mulroney.
Meghan seems to trust her very much. | Jessica Mulroney via Instagram

Both Markle and Prince Harry trust Mulroney, and have since the beginning of their relationship. “She and her husband, Ben, knew about the romance before anyone else and they are very much a part of their inner circle,” a source told Vanity Fair.

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4. There’s a good chance she’ll be Markle’s maid of honor

Jessica Mulroney Instagram post.
They’ve developed a close friendship that includes fun trips. | Jessica Mulroney via Instagram

There’s been some speculation over who will be the lucky royal maid of honor as the wedding gets closer and closer. But it seems Mulroney is the fan favorite.

Bazaar is hosting a poll on their site asking readers if they think Mulroney or Serena Williams or Priyanka Chopra will be selected. Mulroney is winning by a landslide.

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5. Is she Meghan’s secret wedding planner?

Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle posing together.
Fans sure seem to think so. | Jessica Mulroney via Instagram

In addition to being Markle’s potential maid of honor, Mulroney also may be her royal friend’s unofficial wedding planner. She knows a thing or two about weddings, so it’s not out of the question that Markle’s going to her buddy for her input on most of the details.

“According to sources close to the Canadian stylist, Mulroney is also Markle’s secret wedding planner, and has been pulling plenty of strings behind the scenes,” says Vanity Fair.


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6. Meghan and Jessica talk on the phone every day about the wedding

Meghan Markle wraps her arms around Jessica Mulroney.
They are reportedly talking about the wedding quite often. | Jessica Mulroney via Instagram

“She is Meghan’s best friend and the person Meghan trusts with helping to plan every detail,” a source told Vanity Fair, also adding:

She’s the one helping Meghan to make all the key decisions. They are on the phone daily discussing every element of the wedding, from the dress to the flowers to the canapés and the photography. Meghan is very dependent on Jessica and Jessica has been totally indispensable. She’s helped Meghan and Harry with so much already.

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7. Meghan and Harry did hire other professional event planners

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a visit to Catalyst Inc science park in Belfast.
The new royal couple is enlisting the best wedding planners. | Niall Carson/Pool/Getty Images

Though Mulaney is certainly thought to be helping out in a big way, the couple also hired two leading event organizers and catering firms to help with wedding planning.

Fun fact: According to Vanity Fair, apparently nobody over the age of 40 can have much input in the planning of this wedding. The couple wants to keep the ceremony youthful and in their taste.

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