Megan Fox Said Mom-Shamers Motivated Her to Teach Her Son to Be ‘Confident No Matter What’

Being a celebrity can open up a whole new world of power, privilege, and luxurious living. Movie stars and famous musicians enjoy a lifestyle that many could only dream of. Still, there are plenty of negatives associated with being a well-known public figure.

One that is especially difficult for celebrity moms is “mom-shaming.” Mom-shaming is when followers on social media chime in with their opinion on how that celebrity mom is raising her children — and the opinion is usually very negative.

Megan Fox is one celebrity who has dealt with a lot of mom-shaming in the past few years. Read on to learn how Fox copes with the negativity, if it affects her parenting, and how some other celebrities have addressed mom-shaming.

How many kids does Megan Fox have?

Megan Fox during a press interview
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Megan Fox started acting while she was a teenager. A few of her early roles included parts in movies like Holiday in the Sun and Bad Boys II. She started earning serious recognition in 2007, following the release of Transformers, where she played opposite Shia LaBeouf.

Fox was stereotyped as a glamorous vixen or the “other woman” a lot in her film roles, mainly due to her stunning looks and natural ability to charm the camera. While many fans might have assumed that Fox enjoyed a busy dating life, she has really only been involved (as far as anyone knows) with one man – Brian Austin Green, of Beverly Hills90210 fame. 

When they started dating, Brian Austin Green already had one son, Kassius, from a previous relationship. Austin Green and Fox went on to have three more children together, all boys — Noah Shannon Green, born in 2012, Bodhi Green, born in 2014, and youngest son Journey Green, born in 2016.

Since having children, Megan Fox has stayed mostly under the radar, taking only select acting projects and raising her family mostly out of the spotlight.

Megan Fox has been repeatedly mom-shamed

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Although Fox keeps her children well away from the tabloid’s cameras, she does occasionally share snaps of her adorable boys on her social media. While many fans love to see her children and have only positive things to say, she has also been shamed in the comments from people who disagree with the clothes that her young sons wear or the way that they wear their hair.

In one photo that Fox shared in 2017, her son Noah was wearing a Frozen-inspired dress, which caused lots of critics to flood the comments section with negativity, questioning why she would allow her son to wear a dress.

While Fox hasn’t been responding in the comments to the shamers, she did recently speak out about how the feedback affects her parenting. She admitted that her son Noah is very creative and loves playing dress-up. She also revealed that shaming is a prevalent part of the culture, and that even the liberal school she sends her sons to still has people who shame him for wearing the color pink or for wearing a dress.

Still, there has been something good to come from the hate — Fox claimed that all of the shaming has led her to teach her boys the importance of being confident, no matter what. 

Many celebrities have dealt with mom-shaming

Megan Fox is far from the only celebrity to have been caught in the crosshairs of mom-shamers. Pop singer Pink has been heavily targeted by them, and over the years, has received criticism for allowing her kids to color their hair.

Many celebs have been shamed for the way that they show affection to their kids — Hilary Duff has been criticized for kissing her son on the lips, as has Victoria Beckham.

Some of them respond, as Pink and Hilary Duff did, by limiting the comments on their social media posts or addressing the haters specifically – but some choose to ignore it and keep going forward.