Meghan and Harry are Hiring a Professional to Battle Racist, Sexist Trolls

Meghan Markle has been struggling with social media bullying since she began dating Prince Harry. The issue has gotten so severe that Kensington Palace even had to release a list of guidelines detailing how to interact with royals online. Unfortunately, it seems the guidelines haven’t helped very much, if at all. So Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are bringing in a professional: Sara Latham.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Karwai Tang/WireImage
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Who is Sara Latham?

The Sussexes have hired Latham to be their head of communications. She’s incredibly qualified for the job. Latham worked as a transitional official for Barack Obama in 2008 and was a senior adviser on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She also worked in the White House during Bill Clinton’s presidency. All this to say: she’s particularly qualified in handling political name calling. She’s also a dual citizen in the U.S. as well as the U.K, so that doesn’t hurt, either. In 2005, she worked as special adviser to U.K. Labour politician Tessa Jowell. The royal couple has been known, as of late, for their liberal-leaning politics. Someone like Latham will certainly aid them in honing that voice.

“Who better to focus their narrative and reign in trolls than someone like Latham, who’s experienced in dealing with high-profile politicians and the onslaught of racism and sexism they face?” asks Refinery writer Alexis Reliford.

Latham will report to the Queen’s communications secretary and will be based out of Buckingham Palace.

The bullying

The Royals have become accustomed to their fair share of bullying over the years, but no one’s received quite as much negativity as Markle. CNN recently reported on a study that found more than 5,000 tweets contained anti-Meghan hashtags. In addition to the set of social media courtesy guidelines Kensington Palace published, “staff are devoting more resources to deleting comments targeting Meghan, and blocking abusive Twitter and Instagram accounts. Software is being used to filter out the use of the n-word as well as emojis of guns and knives,” reports CNN.

The article goes on to list other ways in which Markle has been harassed online through the years, but especially after her pregnancy was announced. In addition to the racist and sexist hashtags that are plaguing the Duchess, rumors are being spread about her relationship with the rest of the royals, and articles are being written about how her family went from “cotton slaves to royalty” and Markle’s “rich and exotic DNA.”

Why is all of this happening? Why do people love to hate Meghan Markle so much?

“Meghan Markle fits into this bigger idea of the West and the UK in decline,” he said. “She does that by not fitting in, by being who she is, which is mixed race. People tie these things so much to what they think it means to be British, which is white. So, it has a racial element to it,” said Hope Not Hate researcher Patrik Hermansso.

“But there’s also this idea of cultural decline — [that] what we were before, a strong palace, a monarchy, an empire … is falling apart, and that of course is brought on by these other far-right conspiratorial ideas, like what mass immigration is doing with our society, the replacement of British people of British culture.”

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