Meghan Markle and Other Celebrities Who Have Dealt With Major ‘Mom Shame’

While public scrutiny is common ground for celebrities and royals, there are certain critiques that hit on a deeper personal level. Meghan Markle has dealt with more than her share of negative media attention since her engagement to Prince Harry.

The latest media frenzy criticizing her maternal instincts, however, lands a little lower than the other jabs.

The duchess isn’t the first public figure to fall prey to mom-shaming. Although she does seem to be the repeated target of unfounded and critical publicity, Meghan shares that particular stage with a number of other notable moms.

Meghan Markle shares the mom-shaming spotlight with other celebrities

Meghan Markle smiling for the camera
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Markle has been plagued by a PR blitz since first linked with Harry. The latest in the public onslaught, however, is shared with the likes of Beyonce, Chrissy Teigen, and Charlize Theron.

Queen Bey herself is no stranger to public tongue lashings about her choices as a mother. From the Comb her Hair movement to her choice to enjoy a glass of wine, Beyonce’s parenting skills have been scrutinized.

Teigen’s crime? Going out to dinner with her husband, John Legend, shortly after giving birth.

Charlize Theron’s spotlight and subsequent moniker as the “Monster Mom,” however, is slow to fade.

While trying to calm her four-year-old son’s temper tantrum and get him in the car away from paparazzi, she was labeled as an abuser for dragging him on the ground.

By the same token, Markle’s handling of her son, Archie, has been called into question on several occasions. Her latest infraction appears to have been not supporting his neck and head properly while holding him at Harry’s polo match.  

In fact, parenting expert Maureen Dennis defended Markle’s manner stating she saw nothing wrong with the way she was holding her son.

What’s behind the Meghan Markle mom-shaming?

At first glance, the growing vitriol against Meghan could be seen as racist backlash against a woman who so clearly redefines the new look of the royal family. However, stepping back a little further, one realizes that the mom-shaming began in earnest with the way the Duchess held her baby bump.

The insinuation, rather boldly stated, was that she was narcissistic and attention-seeking.

Follow those cutting remarks with the snipes regarding the Sussex’s decision to forego public photos at the hospital immediately following Archie’s birth and the private christening.

Both events seemed to have been the perfect invitation for those with an opinion to express how they felt about the couple’s sense of entitlement.

Most recently, Meghan’s decision to fly solo to New York to enjoy a couple of days away from her obligations and support her best friend, Serena Williams’, bid for the U.S. Open title marked yet another opportunity to demean the Duchess.

There may be a certain racist agenda fueling the propaganda against Meghan Markle. However, it really goes to the heart of what the British public expects of their royal women.

One who is self-assured and holds mature opinions is viewed as a threat to the traditional role of being seen rather than heard. Going a step further, it means being seen with her head slightly lowered rather than held high.

Meghan Markle’s supporters

Verbal attacks against Markle have reached such a crescendo that support for the Duchess comes from the most unexpected corners. Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, recently came to her defense.

Fans have begun tweeting under #WeLoveMeghan after her emotional interview with Harry aired on ITV.

The Queen and Charles have clearly been welcoming and supportive of the newest member of the family, yet such continued and bruising attacks are bound to leave deep wounds.