Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Don’t Want Gifts for Their Baby. Here’s Why

When will the royal baby get here? No one really knows. But everyone is sitting on pins and needles to hear more about the baby of royal “it” couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Unfortunately for fans of the couple, the pair are remaining pretty tight-lipped about the details surrounding their baby. We still don’t know what the sex of the child is or the exact delivery date. But one thing that we do know, is that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not want their kid to receive presents.

Why don’t Markle and Harry want their baby to get presents?

As a royal, you are probably bombarded with gifts upon your entry into the world. Instead of having to find a place to put 1,000 toys in their new home, Markle and Harry have decided that they would rather people donate to a charity instead of giving their child gifts.

The couple took to their new Instagram account to make this announcement.

“What an incredibly special surprise the grassroots led #globalsussexbabyshower was last Sunday!” the post read. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are immensely grateful for the outpouring of love and support in anticipation of the birth of their first child.”

“In lieu of sending gifts, the couple have long planned to encourage members of the public to make donations to select charities for children and parents in need. If you already made a donation, the couple send you their greatest thanks. If you are thinking about it, they ask that you kindly consider the following organisations they’ve selected, which we will highlight here over the next few days.”

Which charities would Prince Harry and Markle like people to donate to?

Over the past week, the couple posted four pictures, each highlighting a new charity that they are supporting. The first was, The Lunchbox Fund.

According to their post, The Lunchbox Fund “provides a nutritious daily school meal to children in South Africa who would otherwise go hungry. Since its inception, @thelunchboxfund has provided over 20 million meals to school children in need. This meal encourages children to attend school and enables them to better concentrate and maximise their learning potential.”

This cause is close to the hearts of the Duke and Duchess.

“As President and Vice President of The Queens Commonwealth Trust, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are committed to supporting the children and communities of the 53 commonwealth countries around the world,” the post continued.

The Little Village

The next charity was The Little Village.

“Similar to a food bank, @littlevillagehq is for clothes, toys, and essentials for babies and children up to the age of five,” the Instagram post read. “The Duchess of Sussex became aware of the organisation last December and strongly believes in their community ethos and goal to ensure every parent and young child have the necessary supplies and support they need. The couple have made private contributions in the last few months, and are excited to share this special organisation with you.”

Well Child

The third charity was one that Harry has been supporting since 2007. Well Child helps children with serious illnesses receive care in their homes, as opposed to having to live in a hospital.

“Over 100,000 children and young people are living with serious illness or exceptional health needs across the UK,” the post states. “Many spend months, even years in hospital vs at home because there is no support enabling them to leave.”

Well Child strives to help children with health needs be able to stay at home for as long as possible.


The last charity posted was one that is especially close to the Duchess’ heart, as it helps the children of her hometown, Los Angeles.

“Baby2Baby provides children ages 0-12 living in poverty with the necessities every child deserves,” the post read. “In the last seven years, B2B has distributed over 50 million items to children in homeless shelters, domestic violence programs, foster care, hospitals, underserved schools, and to children who have lost everything in the wake of disasters.”

How can you donate to Markle and Harry’s charities?

Each of the Instagram posts links out to specific charities, which have outlined the best way to donate or support them.

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