Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have True Love, According to Royal Photographer

Whenever we see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together, they are always affectionate. While some people may think that this is a bit much, the majority of royal fans find it to be quite adorable. It is refreshing to see two royals who are not afraid to show affection even when the queen is present.

Whether they know that the flashbulbs are going off or not, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex never hesitate to reach for each other’s hand or embrace in a quick hug. In fact, this all seems to be so completely natural and maybe even somewhat expected since, according to a royal photographer, Meghan and Harry have “true love.” So, what does this look like? Let’s break it down.

Prince Harry’s past relationships

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | AARON CHOWN/AFP/Getty Images

Harry and Meghan quickly hit the alter but it comes as no surprise that the handsome prince has had his fair share of girlfriends in the past. Obviously, some have been more serious than others, but as anyone can see from pictures, he never connected with anyone as much as he connects with Meghan. While Harry has always looked comfortable with girlfriends, such as Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy, the love that he has for Meghan seems to be more intense than we have seen in the past. Never before have we seen Harry look at anyone with the admiration that he has for his wife.

Is Meghan Markle happy with Prince Harry?

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#update The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have being working non-stop since their engagement announcement in November 2017. Their achievements since then as a couple have being recognized not only by The Queen and members of the Royal Family, but also by the media worldwide. The Duke & Duchess of Sussex marriage made history. They keep inspiring humans everywhere they go. Meghan is relatable and represents many women of different backgrounds and a big force in raising awareness in humans injustice and prejudices currently. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure both have being working hard before they get to know each other. Now, as a new member of the Royal family, Meghan was appointed patron of 4 charities (Harry’s Patron of 22 charities). Talking about Harry’s charities here are his mendals of honour including ranks given by the Queen: 2002: Prince Harry was given The Golden Jubilee Medal. It was awarded to personnel to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne. 2008: Prince Harry was given a medal for his service in Afghanistan in 2008 by his aunt, Princess Anne, during a service at the Combermere Barracks in Windsor. 2012: Prince Harry was given The Diamond Jubilee Medal. For completed a minimum of five years’ service. And enlisted on or before February 7 2007 and have served with the regular, reserve or cadet forces. 2015: Prince Harry was appointed Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order ( This is a lower rank in the Order before Knight or Dame Grand Cross is the Royal Victorian Order) by the Queen for services to the sovereign at Buckingham Palace. 2018: The Duke of Sussex has been made a personal aide-de-camp to The Queen. Keep calm. They just get started…

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When we see pictures of Meghan and Harry together, we can practically see the love radiating from her eyes. This is a look that we never saw when Meghan was married to her first husband, Trevor Engleson. It seems as if she feels that she has met her perfect match and that she knows that Harry is the person that she was always meant to be with. As if this weren’t enough, royal fans couldn’t agree with Meghan more! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are one of our favorite couples for this exact reason, and we will never grow tired of seeing them be so affectionate with each other. It is actually lovely to see a royal couple who doesn’t hesitate to do things their own way.

Why don’t British royals show affection?

It is extremely rare that we see royals, such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, showing any sort of affection when they are in public. It is so rare, in fact, that when Kate quietly put her hand on William’s knee at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, it was practically headline news. We barely get to see any members of the world’s most famous family holding hands or hugging, and even if we do, it is practically unheard of to do when her majesty is around. We just love the fact that Harry and Meghan enjoy bending this rule since it proves that they won’t let anyone or anything overpower the love that they have for each other.

Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry truly in love?

According to a royal photographer who has worked with the members of the royal family for years, Meghan and Harry are truly “in love.” Fans can definitely appreciate the fact that they don’t put on a show for the cameras, only being affectionate when they know that they are being photographed. Actually, it would seem that it is quite the opposite since the couple is naturally affectionate with each other even when they think no one is watching. How wonderful to see a couple that is so genuinely in love.