Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s New Home Is A Fairy Tale

Marriage has brought forth a ton of changes for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Not only are the pair fully immersed in their royal work as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but they’ve also received the keys to a brand new apartment. The couple had been living at Nottingham Cottage, Prince Harry’s two-bedroom apartment during their engagement period. Now, the prince and the former actress are going to have a ton more room to spread out.

Markle and her prince are moving to Apartment 1 on the Kensington Palace grounds and if you ask us it’s way more of a sprawling estate than an apartment. They’re also getting a massive country home for their weekends away (page 8).

A quaint starter home

Nottingham Cottage circled

The two have enjoyed living in the cozy cottage. | Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

  • The couple spent the perfect first Christmas together at their old apartment 

Though their lives are a massive whirlwind that will be played out in front of cameras and splashed across tabloids, the duke and duchess were able to bond and form a true intimacy by living in the close quarters of Nottingham Cottage. Former police protection officer Ken Wharfe explained to People, “It’s a lovely, classic Victorian cottage. It’s probably two-up, three [rooms] down. It’s not very big, incredibly small.“

Markle and Prince Harry spent much of their courtship and engagement together in the 1,300-square-foot, two-bedroom home. They even spent the 2017 holidays in the cottage together, purchasing their very first Christmas tree as a couple from Battersea, just across the River Thames.

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A special place in their hearts

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex leave from the West Door of St George's Chapel

He popped the question in the cottage. | Ben Stansall-WPA Pool/Getty Images

  • The couple got engaged while making dinner in the cottage

When the duo began dating in summer 2016, Markle started adding her own personal touches to the cottage. However, Nottingham Cottage is especially important to the young couple because it is the place where Prince Harry formally asked for the duchess’ hand in marriage.

In their first interview together just after they announced their engagement, the royal pair gave us some small details about the cozy evening Prince Harry proposed. Markle revealed to BBC that she was, “Trying to roast a chicken and it just – just an amazing surprise, it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. He got on one knee.”

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Off to Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace gardens

Their new home | Pat_Hastings/iStock/Getty Images

  • The duke and duchess’ new apartment is only a few feet away from some very familiar faces

Now that they are officially a wedded duo, Markle and Prince Harry are packing up Nottingham Cottage and heading just a few feet away to Kensington Palace. Luckily for Markle, who is a newcomer to royal life, the change in location shouldn’t be too much of a shock.

In fact, while she was dating the prince and throughout their engagement, the women’s right’s activist often visited with her sister and brother-in-law, Kate Middleton and Prince William who live at Kensington Palace. Just after Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement was announced, a royal insider revealed to People, “They’ve been spending a lot of time together with the Duke and Duchess, prioritizing getting to know each other and welcoming them to their home.”

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Some massive renovations

Parisian attic apartment

Renovations are underway. | verbaska_studio/Getty Images

  • The home needed a new roof among other things 

Before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could make their home in Apartment 1, it had to undergo some substantial renovations. Well before they announced their engagement, the apartment was already being transformed for the royal couple. Those renovations have included a new roof and mortars.

Additionally, a line of fir trees was planted so the apartment’s entrance wouldn’t be visible to the public. According to The Daily Mail, now that they have some privacy, the duchess loves to walk her dogs in the green.

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Apartment 1

impressive architecture of paris

The couple’s new home, Apartment 1 | Ina Fischer/Getty Images

  • Apartment 1 and Apartment 1A used to be one massive apartment 

The royal couple’s new apartment is literally next door to Prince William and Middleton who live in Apartment 1A. Time is reporting, “Throughout much of the palace’s history, the two apartments were a single gigantic residence, which was divided only in the 1950s. Those close quarters, which are said to connect with a shared door, would make Prince Harry and his brother next-door neighbors.”

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All of the magical details

Kensington Palace in London

Kensington Palace | Jupiterimages

  • With two master bedrooms and two living rooms, what’s not to love?

There have been rumors for quite some time that Prince Harry would take up residence in Apartment 1. Though the exact details about the duke and duchess’ new digs are sparse, Apartment 1 is said to nearly mirror Apartment 1A.

When former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama visited Prince William and Middleton in 2016, we got some stunning photos of the royal couple’s apartment. Apartment 1A reportedly had four floors of living space, which are updated with WiFI, central air, and heating.

The apartment has two master bedrooms, even though Prince William and Middleton are a couple of the 21st century and share a bedroom. The living space also boats two nurseries, so Prince Louis, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte won’t even be cramped for a play area. According to E! Online, “There are also two living rooms, a kitchen, an elevator, a guest bedroom, three principal bathrooms, nine bedrooms on the top floor for staff and a basement level with a gym, laundry quarters and a luggage room.”

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Ready to decorate

Actress Meghan Markle attends ELLE's 6th Annual Women In Television Dinner

Meghan Markle is ready to put her touch on the home. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for ELLE

  • Markle is thrilled about the prospect of designing her new home

When she and Prince William moved into Apartment 1A, the Duchess of Cambridge was determined to make their space personal. An insider told E! Online, “Kate has taken a very personal role. She has staff helping her, but she makes some of the calls herself and visited shops. She’s very professional and organized, people enjoy dealing with her.”

Markle is eager to get her own household in tip-top shape. A source told US Weekly, “She’s excited to move into another property on the royal estate. She can’t wait to decorate it like her own, where she feels like it’s her home.”

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A luxurious country home

The two will enjoy their new country home. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

  • Meghan and Harry can escape their daily lives for their country home near some close friends

Just in case Prince Harry and Markle were feeling confined in their 21-bedroom apartment, they also signed a lease for a home on the Great Tew Estate in the Cotswolds.  Located 90 minutes away from London, their weekend home is called led WestfieldLarge and is located near their friends David and Victoria Beckham’s country home.

An insider told US Weekly, “Meghan loves the Cotswolds and fell in love with the estate the first time she went. They recently had security cameras installed around the perimeter.”

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