Will Meghan Markle Have a Baby Shower After All?

With her due date on the horizon, Meghan Markle is most-likely beaming with excitement — and ready to meet Baby Sussex. At this stage in her pregnancy, many mothers-to-be get showered with gifts from friends and loved ones. But, in her new royal life, Meghan Markle has had to let go of such traditions and not partake in a baby shower for her firstborn.

That said, new reports suggest that the Duchess of Sussex could end up showering Baby Sussex after all. Will Meghan Markle have a baby shower? Find out — plus, who would throw the party — ahead.

Royal baby shower rules

Meghan Markle smiles and cradles her baby bump.
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex walks to her car after visiting the National theatre in central London on January 30, 2019 after it was announced that she would be Patron of the theatre. (Photo by Niklas HALLEN / AFP) (Photo credit should read NIKLAS HALLEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Meghan Markle might have planned a high-end nursery (equipped with eucalyptus-infused paint, no less) for her firstborn, but she draws the line of luxury at that. According to several reports, the Duchess of Sussex can’t have a baby shower for Baby Sussex. That said, Meghan Markle likes to break the rules and her baby shower is no different.

Will Meghan Markle have a baby shower after all? Take a closer look at why royal baby showers are a no-no, plus find out how the Duchess of Sussex got around the protocol, below.

Royals don’t have baby showers

Royal women don’t have baby showers. Not because they don’t want to celebrate a new royal baby — the royals love a celebration — but because they think baby showers are inappropriate. Since the royal family has wealth (and gets some of their income from British citizens), “a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate,” royal expert Victoria Arbiter confirmed to The Sun. “There’s nothing they can’t go out and buy themselves,” she added.

Baby showers aren’t as popular in the United Kingdom

In addition to the royal family’s traditions, baby showers aren’t nearly as popular in the United Kingdom as they are in America. Meghan Markle has made a lot of changes in her life and going along with her new country’s customs is ultra important to her, as she represents Her Majesty and the people of Britain.

Meghan Markle can still accept gifts

In true royal fashion, the whole no baby shower rule somewhat contradicts itself. On one end, Meghan Markle can’t have a baby shower because she can afford to purchase items herself. But, on the other, the Duchess of Sussex can allegedly accept gifts from loved ones without a formal party. With friends like Serena Williams and Priyanka Chopra, the duchess could still receive some impressive digs for her royal-to-be — sans the party.

Is Kate Middleton planning a baby shower for Meghan Markle?

Despite feud rumors (and traditions), Kate Middleton has allegedly stepped up and offered to throw Meghan Markle a baby shower. The Duchess of Cambridge apparently went out of her way to get the queen’s permission in order to celebrate her new niece or nephew. Harper’s Bazaar reports that since the whole no baby showers thing isn’t a royal rule, she didn’t need the queen’s blessing.

What will Meghan Markle’s baby shower be like? If the reports are true, the party likely won’t be as fancy and big as one might think. The royals love a good laugh, so perhaps they will partake in some humorous baby shower games. If the party is in the afternoon, they could decide to make it a tea with fresh scones, sandwiches, and — of course — the queen’s favorite, Darjeeling tea.

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