All the Ways Meghan Markle’s Birth Plan Breaks Royal Protocol

In the royal family, Meghan Markle is known for breaking the protocol. From her outspoken political views to her wardrobe choices, the Duchess of Sussex is not afraid of bending the rules. So, it should come of no surprise that her alleged birth plan also goes against tradition.

Up ahead, we take a closer look at all the ways Meghan Markle’s birth plan strays from royal protocol and paves the way for change in the royal family.

Meghan Markle’s birth plan

Meghan Markle waves at a crowd.
Meghan Markle’s birth plan breaks from tradition. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

When it comes to royal birth plans, there aren’t a ton of rules that must be met. However, there are traditions and royals love to stick with tradition. But, Meghan Markle is not like other royal women. The former American actress has a more “Hollywood” way of doing things, which means her birth plan could stray far from the likes of Kate Middleton and even Princess Diana, who the Duchess of Sussex is often compared to.

Here’s how Meghan Markle’s birth plan could be different from the women before her.

She might not give birth at St. Mary’s Hospital

Traditionally, the modern royal woman gives birth at St. Mary’s Hospital Lindo Wing. However, things could be different this time around. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to move to their country home in Windsor ahead of the royal baby’s arrival, which means they might not welcome their firstborn at the London hospital.

Instead, the two could deliver closer to Windsor Castle — perhaps at The Princess Margaret Hospital, which is just down the road — or might also consider a home birth.

She has a doula and an acupuncturist

Royal mothers-to-be have a whole team of experts that work with them throughout their pregnancy. But, this time, a few new specialties have joined the royal pregnancy squad. Meghan Markle allegedly hired a doula to help her throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She has also seen an acupuncturist. “Meghan has been having regular acupuncture sessions to help her unwind and relax,” a source explained to Vanity Fair. “It’s brilliant for the blood circulation and boosting blood flow to the uterus. She plans to use acupuncture right up to her due date,” they added.

No post-birth photocall

Another way Meghan Markle’s birth plan strays from tradition? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex might opt out of an official post-birth photocall. Traditionally, royal couples pose with their newborn baby on the steps of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. However, if Meghan Markle gives birth in Windsor (at a hospital or at home), she likely won’t partake in such festivities.

In addition, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want a normal life for their baby — which is why they are moving away from London. They might choose to shield their son or daughter from the royal limelight from day one and opt out of the Kodak moment.

Her mother might be in the room

Rumor has it, Doria Ragland has plans for an extended stay in London this spring. In addition, the mother-daughter duo are extremely close, which means Meghan could ask her mother to be in the delivery room.

Traditionally, the queen must be told of a royal birth before anyone else. But, with Doria in the delivery room, Her Majesty won’t be the first family member to know.

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