Meghan Markle Brought Students to Tears With Her ‘Raw’ Black Lives Matter Speech

Meghan Markle had some inspiring words to share for her alma mater. Speaking at her former high school, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, talked about racism and Black Lives Matter in what proved to be a rousing speech. Not only did the former Suits star recall her personal experiences but she also brought students to tears with her “pretty raw” speech about police brutality and Black Lives Matter.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Ben Birchall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Inside Meghan Markle’s moving speech

Meghan began her video speech by admitting that she wasn’t sure what to say about the events that have rocked the country in recent days. Meghan confessed that she was “nervous” that people would “pick apart” her words.

But after thinking it through, the Duchess of Sussex realized that “the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing.”

Meghan went on to explain how she once had a teacher who told her that she should always “put others’ needs above” her fears. She then apologized to the students because they had to grow up in a world where racism is “still present.”

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Meghan is currently living in LA with her husband, Prince Harry, and son, Archie Harrison. The video speech is a major shift for the Sussexes, who likely would not have commented on the issue if they were still active members of the royal family.

The royals tend to stay away from hot-button topics, and Meghan encouraging students to vote is something that would have been very controversial within the ranks of the royal family.

Meghan is no longer an active member of the royal family and has more freedom to speak her mind.

The Duchess of Sussex brings students to tears

Before releasing her speech, Newsweek reports that Meghan had several discussions with community leaders about racism, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Sources say that Harry also took part in the meetings, which helped shape Meghan’s speech.

“Both her and Harry have been having private calls with community figures about everything, so I’m sure that helped form her view,” the insider dished. “As you can probably tell, it’s pretty raw and she spoke without notes.”

The source, who is a friend of Meghan, noted that many of the students at her former high school were “stunned and excited” that she recorded a message for their graduation. The video was a rare public offering from the Duchess, who has been keeping a low-profile in recent weeks.

Several students from the high school also shared their thoughts on Meghan’s video on social media. More than one stated that they were left “crying” after the speech and most of the comments were very favorable for Meghan.

Meghan has not commented on the reactions from her video.

While the Duchess clearly had moving things to say to the students at Immaculate Heart High, they were not the only ones who were inspired by her words.

Neighbors praise Meghan Markle for boosting morale

In light of Meghan’s video, several people from her old neighborhood praised her for speaking out. Meghan grew up in LA in the early 1990s, right around the same time riots erupted following the brutal beating of Rodney King in 1991.

In her speech, Meghan recalled the 1992 riots in LA and discussed walking home amid the chaos. The events are very similar to what has happened in recent weeks, people in Meghan’s old neighborhood appreciated her courage to share her thoughts on racism in America.

According to Express, one neighbor praised Meghan for saying that “Black lives matter, George Floyd’s life mattered,” while others believe she was very “brave” to discuss these types of issues considering how she is technically still a royal.

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“I saw some of Meghan’s speech on TV and thought it was really woke and kind of brave of her to say,” Traci Powell, who lives in Meghan’s old neighborhood, shared. “I think, now she’s a royal, she can do a lot more to inspire at least a bit of hope in people who’ve been having a miserable time facing first the pandemic and now violence in the street.”

Meghan and Harry moved back to LA back in March, right when many parts of the country were shutting down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Their exit from the royal family became official on March 31 and will be reviewed next year.

The royals, many of whom are still isolating, have not commented on Meghan’s recent speech.