Who is Meghan Markle’s Closest Friend Within the Royal Family?

Meghan Markle married into the royal family less than a year ago, but she’s already taken on her royal role with poise and confidence. Meghan and Harry are getting ready to move out of Kensington Palace and into a cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle, but Meghan has still gotten to know plenty of Harry’s family members in the short time she lived there with him. But to which of Harry’s family members is Meghan the closest?

The royal family
Which royal family member is Meghan closest to? | Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

When Meghan and the queen met, the two instantly got along

When Meghan first met her future grandmother-in-law once she began dating Harry, the two instantly connected. Meghan took a liking to the queen’s dogs, and since the queen is obsessed with her dogs, this was the perfect way to please her. The queen was very cordial to Meghan’s family, too; she invited Doria Ragland to tea after she arrived in the United Kingdom for Meghan and Harry’s wedding. The Duchess of Sussex has always had a good relationship with the queen, but it might not be considered a friendship.

There have been rumors that Meghan and Kate aren’t the closest of friends

It would make sense that Meghan and Kate would be close friends, since they’re both duchesses and they’re so close in age. However, things didn’t turn out as everyone had hoped. There were many rumors of a feud between the two women after Meghan and Harry wed. Although the media seems to have stepped back, those close with the two say they do get along, but they’re not friends. They are reportedly two very different people who don’t share a close bond. It doesn’t mean they hate each other or don’t get along (though the general media would probably love that), but they simply aren’t close friends.

Charles and Meghan also apparently have a close relationship

Meghan is reportedly even closer with Charles than she is with the queen. Charles and Meghan hit it off as soon as Harry introduced her, and they have apparently been close ever since. Charles walked Meghan down the aisle when her father couldn’t make it to her wedding, and that in itself shows the relationship the two have. The two have also been caught laughing together on several occasions, and they seem to all in all have almost a father-daughter sort of relationship. Charles did always want a daughter, so it’s possible he treats Meghan (and Kate) as if they were his own.

It appears that Eugenie and Meghan have also become close friends since Meghan married Harry

In terms of “friends,” Meghan’s relationship with Eugenie might fit the bill better than any of the other royal family members. Eugenie and Harry have always been close, so when Meghan came into the family, those two struck up a friendship as well. They reportedly asked Meghan and Harry for wedding advice. Harry is also a good friend of Jack Brooksbank, whom Eugenie married, so the four of them look to have a nice friendship going. However, Eugenie did have to postpone her wedding so Meghan and Harry could marry, and it’s possible that ticked her off a bit. But if it did, she never let on that it bothered her.

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