Meghan Markle Continues to Struggle With Being Labeled a Hypocrite

Meghan Markle hasn’t had an easy time in the spotlight recently. The duchess has been hounded by negative press ever since she and Prince Harry started dating back in 2016. However, things seem to have only grown worse over time, not better. Meghan has continued to struggle with some people labeling her a hypocrite for her recent actions.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Meghan and Harry have expressed the difficulty of living in the spotlight

Ever since Meghan and Harry started dating, things have been difficult for the royal couple. While Prince William and Kate Middleton are loved by almost everyone, Meghan and Harry haven’t had things so easy. Though Harry’s public approval rating has always been high, Meghan continues to struggle to gain the confidence of the British public. She and Harry recently interviewed with journalist Tom Bradby, where they expressed their sadness in dealing with so much negative publicity all the time. Meghan said she hasn’t been “OK” since giving birth to Archie and trying to acclimate to such a bright spotlight.

Meghan has come under fire for her hypocritical actions

Over the summer, Meghan and Harry were attacked by critics after flying four private jets over an 11-day period. Though Harry said that it was to protect his family, critics suggested it was hypocritical of two people who seem to care so much about the environment. Meghan was once again called a hypocrite in late October; she wore a lambskin skirt to a royal outing, and people suggested she had no right to call herself an animal lover when she wears expensive animal skin. Though Meghan is only human, she seems to always be making the wrong decisions in the public eye.

There are rumors the two have thought of leaving the royal family

While Harry and Meghan’s fans have rallied around the royals, there have been rumors that the two have thought about exiting the royal family. Though it likely isn’t what either of them wants, anyone can understand how so much negative attention might wear them down to the point where they feel like that is their only option. They’ve already decide not to give Archie a royal title in order to raise him as a private citizen. However, no matter what they do, it would be nearly impossible to escape the royal family entirely. Though Harry is far down the line for the throne, he’s still the son of the future king — and everyone knows it.

Meghan always does her royal duties with a smile.

Harry is worried about history repeating itself

Harry has been concerned about Meghan’s safety since as far back as when the couple started dating in 2016. The royal family released a statement a few years ago asking for people to respect Harry’s then-girlfriend and her privacy. And since then, things have not been any better. Harry and Meghan recently filed a lawsuit against three major British tabloids, and he has said he’s worried about history repeating itself. His mother, Princess Diana, was largely attacked by the media up until her death in 1997, and some even blame the paparazzi for her fatal car accident.