Meghan Markle Couldn’t Return to ‘Suits’ Even If She Wanted To — Here’s Why

Meghan Markle’s breakout role was on the USA Network drama Suits. The role put her on the map, but a mutual friend is who introduced her to Prince Harry. However, there have recently been rumors that Meghan could return to the show for a quick appearance. But Meghan couldn’t do that even if she wanted to — here’s why.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Meghan starred as Rachel Zane on ‘Suits’ for seven seasons

Meghan was an aspiring actress for years before she landed the role of Rachel Zane on the popular USA show. Acting was her passion, and she moved from California to Toronto during the show’s filming. Although she was happy in her new role, it did put strain on her previous marriage to Trevor Engelson. The two were married for about two years before Meghan filed for divorce. Meghan continued her role on Suits up until things with Prince Harry started getting very serious.

When Meghan married Harry, she left her role on the show to start a new life in the United Kingdom

Meghan stopped filming Suits after its seventh season, which ended with her also getting married on the show. She continued to film while dating Harry, but when things got serious between the two, she left the show. She knew that once she and Harry wed, she’d be starting a new life over in the U.K. Meghan left everything behind for Harry, including her family still living in the states. But the royal family is extremely close-knit, and since Harry is the son of a future king, he’s not allowed to move to New York.

There have been rumors that Meghan might reappear on the show

Rumors recently struck that suggested Meghan might make a cameo appearance on Suits. According to tabloids over in the U.K., NBC Universal offered to make a charitable donation worth millions if Meghan returned for a cameo appearance. The thought could be that the show would garner millions of viewers — and more money in advertising — if Meghan made one last appearance in an episode. However, Harper’s Bazaar reported that the entire story was false. NBC supposedly never made any kind of offer, and there has been no real talk of Meghan returning to the show again.

Meghan is a working royal, so she isn’t allowed to hold any other job

Even if Meghan wanted to reprise her role on Suits, she wouldn’t be allowed. As a working royal, Meghan can’t have a real job other than working for the royal family. It’s possible there could be a loophole if NBC had offered to donate the money to charity rather than pay Meghan, but with a baby on the way and a lot of work ahead of her in the royal family, it seems infeasible that Meghan could ever return to the show.

When Meghan took a royal title, she had to give up pretty much everything about her former life. She couldn’t continue acting, she had to delete her social media accounts, and she couldn’t run her lifestyle blog. She isn’t allowed to perform any professional duties that aren’t in the name of her new family.

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