Meghan Markle Fan Spends Over $30K on Plastic Surgery to Resemble the Duchess

Meghan Markle – with her defined jawline, petite nose, and high cheekbones – has several facial features that many would kill, or pay, to have. A Meghan Markle superfan,  Xochytl Greer, spent approximately $35K on botox, lip fillers, a butt lift, rhinoplasty, and more to resemble her idol. Now, she says, her daughter confuses her for the Duchess, according to

While she can put on a Meghan Markle-inspired dress and boast a similar hair color and style, whether or not she looks like the Duchess is out for debate. You can see a side-by-side of the two below and draw conclusions for yourself.

Meghan Markle and Xochytl Greer
Meghan Markle and Xochytl Greer | from Craters News Agency

Why did Xochytl Greer have the procedure performed?

Greer told The Sun that, before going under the knife four months ago, she was struggling with her physical appearance. Greer was unhappy with the way her clothes fit since having her thir child, and she felt extremely self-conscious.

According to, after admiring Meghan Markle’s natural beauty and regality, she was determined to look like the Duchess, and so the surgeries began.

Greer, with the surgeries behind her, now feels confident and beautiful. She stated:

“When I look in the mirror, I’m happy again. I still see me but a better version of me. I’m at the point where I feel I can put myself out there in the world again. I had very big self-confidence issues, but now I feel I can put on a nice dress and don’t need to wear much make-up because I feel great,” according to

Greer stated that she still wears the same sized clothing; however, she feels that her wardrobe now fits her body the way it should.

Dr. Franklin Rose performed the surgery

Dr. Franklin Rose, of the Utopia Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, performed the surgery last year; it took over five hours from start to finish. Dr. Franklin Rose is widely known for performing operations with the intent to imitate various celebrities’ highly-desirable features. You can see an example of one of his other surgeries below (this woman looks a bit like Kim Kardashian).

The Meghan Markle wannabe reportedly sees strong similarities, but still feels like herself. According to The Sun, she stated:

“I don’t think I look identical to Meghan Markle, but I do see our similarities a lot more now, my nose definitely resembles hers more closely. I also had fillers in my jawline to have a stronger jaw like she does, so I do feel I more strongly resemble her now.”

However, despite paying an excessive amount of money to look like the Duchess, it seems that Greer was hoping to feel like the Duchess. Based on reports following the surgery, she seems most thrilled with her shift in confidence. According to Becky Pemberton, she stated:

“The way I carry myself on a daily basis has changed — I like going out again, being in public and feeling good about myself. I really like her, I have always thought she was a classy person. She’s very relatable, and I think she’s absolutely beautiful. Knowing the things she went through, that she didn’t grow up with the perfect life and with family struggles made her even more relatable.”

Based on Greer’s knowledge regarding Markle’s upbringing, it’s clear that she saw the Duchess as an inspiration, an individual to emulate; however, the choice to take emulation and turn it into physical imitation may have been a step too far.

Given that Greer doesn’t look much like the Duchess, most will probably fail to assume that she based her look off of Markle…once the buzz settles.