Meghan Markle Fans Will Be Happy to Hear Piers Morgan Is Taking a Break

Ever since Meghan Markle joined the royal family, she has been criticized left and right for practically everything she does. Much of the negativity directed at her came from British television personality, Piers Morgan, who has been calling her names and making her look bad. However, it was recently announced that Morgan will be taking a break from his TV show. This could be very good news for Markle and her royal fans.

Piers Morgan has been Meghan Markle’s biggest critic

Piers Morgan arrives to BritWeek 2012's "Evening with Piers Morgan."
Piers Morgan | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Morgan has made a career out of butting heads with celebrities for a long time now, and it did not seem very surprising when he started spreading negative rumors about Markle in 2016.

At the time, Markle was just being known for dating Prince Harry, though Morgan accused her of being a “social climber” and a “really fake” person. He revealed that he and Markle used to be friends, though she snubbed him for Prince Harry when he wanted something more from their relationship.

Since then, Morgan has been criticizing everything the Duchess of Sussex does. He called her “shamelessly hypocritical” after her British Vogue issue was released a few months ago. Morgan also accused her of trying to be a “woke princess.”

People have been calling for Piers Morgan to be fired

Morgan has been a controversial figure in the press, and some people recently decided they have had enough of him.

Unrelated to Duchess Meghan, Morgan rubbed people the wrong way when, on his show Good Morning Britain, he made a transphobic comment, saying: “Why can’t I be a two-spirit penguin, why can’t I just decide that’s what I identity as?”

This led to a petition calling for Good Morning Britain to fire Morgan. The person who started the petition wrote: “In being an award-winning breakfast programme with a worldwide reach, one could presume that Good Morning Britain would act as an effective platform to educate the masses on these issues. In keeping Piers Morgan as the programme’s main draw, however, ITV are actively choosing to promote an insidious agenda against transgender people (and minorities in general).”

The petition currently has 30,941 signatures out of its 35,000 end goal.

Piers Morgan is taking a break for a few weeks

Before the petition could reach its goal, however, it was announced that Morgan would take a break from Good Morning Britain for a few weeks.

After news reports came out about Morgan reportedly being taken off the air, he tweeted: “When you say ‘taken off air’, I think you mean ‘has taken himself off air to go lie under a palm tree in Beverly Hills.'”

Although many people like to believe that he is on a break due to the criticism he has been receiving, The Sun pointed out that he often goes on trips to Los Angeles anyway and this was probably already planned in his schedule.

Morgan is predicted to return sometime around November 11.

Will Meghan Markle receive less negative press with Piers Morgan away?

With Morgan not being able to talk negatively about Duchess Meghan on TV, there is a chance that there won’t be many news articles about his comments to contribute to the press circuit surrounding her.

However, Morgan is still active on social media and he could still incite controversy with his tweets. Recently, while on his break, Morgan has been tweeting criticism at people like Jameela Jamil, David Lammy, and Dan Walker, showing that his presence his still here.

Additionally, Morgan has not been the only person critical of Markle. The negative press she has been receiving is the work of many different people, so, unfortunately, Morgan being gone most likely would not make much of a difference.