Meghan Markle’s Former Friend Claims Duchess ‘Likes a Drink, Gossip, and Being a Bit Naughty’

What was Meghan Markle like before she joined the royal family? Her former friend, Lizzie Cundy, has the details on the now-duchess, including how she likes to “be a bit naughty.” Cundy recalled that Markle was “care-free” and “great fun.”

Meghan Markle former friend dishes on her
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Before Markle met Prince Harry

Markle and the English TV personality hung out before Markle met and married Prince Harry, with Cundy noting that they “hit it off immediately.”

Cundy told Fabulous Digital: “She was just a real girl’s girl, great fun,” adding, “She was someone you’d have a really good time with on a night. She likes a drink, likes a gossip, loves to talk about boyfriends, men and all the girly stuff.”

She added that Markle “was the most care-free, wanted a good time, didn’t mind being a bit naughty and having a giggle. We got on like a house on fire.”

How the two women met

Markle and Cundy first met when they sat together at a pre-dinner for a Caudwell Children charity event in 2013, as the TV host noted: “I was asked to sit next to her and look after her but I hadn’t heard of her.”

Markle, she believed, “wanted to try other [professional] avenues,” adding, “she’d been in Suits for a long time. She felt very at home in London, loved the people and the nightlife. She liked Chelsea, that sort of set, and she got into the Made in Chelsea lot. I suggested she should be on the show.”

Cundy painted Markle as a bit of a party-girl, explaining: “Yes, she liked to drink, she liked that side of things for sure. She wasn’t that type of person who was like I’m just drinking water I need to go home early. She was out staying late, having a dance, enjoying it.”

She recalled, “I remember her being so excited to see Victoria Beckham at the event, she was like ‘wow it’s Victoria Beckham.’”

Markle was ‘flirty, playful, giggly’

When Cundy and Markle hung out, the host shared that she “wasn’t short of male attention,” adding, “She was flirty, playful, giggly, just fun. She was sweet with it, not pushy or forward, the opposite of some of the girls you see in Love Island. Very sweet with it and had a charm about her.”

Cundy believes that Markle “was slightly more free pre-Harry. She was very much into her charity work and women’s rights, but I think she was more care-free.”

The host further noted that Markle was hoping to date a celebrity and loved English guys, sharing: “She felt comfortable about celebrities, that’s why she was talking about celebrity men. I think they understood her world.”

Cundy claims Markle ‘ghosted’ her

The two women kept in touch until Markle met Harry — and when Cundy reached out to Markle, texting her to say, “I heard about Harry,” she received the brief response, “Yeah, I know. We’ll try and hook up.”

Cundy, she explained to the Daily Mail, never heard from Markle again, noting, “I was literally ghosted by her.”