Meghan Markle Ghosted Celebrity Friend After She Met Prince Harry

Meghan Markle is happily married to a real-life prince and is a new mom to boot, but a former famous friend claims that Markle gave her the cold shoulder after she met Prince Harry. She’s not the only person that Markle has treated this way, according to reports.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend a reception for Women's Empowerment at the Royal Aeronautical Society in central London
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | CHRIS JACKSON/AFP/Getty Images

Did Markle distance herself from friends after she started dating Prince Harry?

Markle’s relationship took off with Prince Harry after meeting him in 2016 and, if claims are to be believed, she started to distance herself from some of her friends.

British TV presenter Lizzie Cundy said that she first met Markle when she was seated next to her at a charity dinner in 2013. The women were both single at the time and Markle asked the TV personality if she knew any famous British men.

Cundy told the Daily Mail: “We were having a chat and then she said: ‘Do you know any famous guys? I’m single and I really love English men.”

She responded, “So I said: ‘We’ll go out and find you someone.’” 

When Harry met Meghan

Markle kept in touch with Cundy, as she explained that they chatted in London in the summer of 2016, the same trip that Markle first met Harry at a dinner party. Cundy later found out about the two dating and reached to Markle, texting her to say, “I heard about Harry,” and receiving the brief response, “Yeah, I know. We’ll try and hook up.”

She never heard from her again, sharing, “I was literally ghosted by her,” a move she believes was in part due to palace aides advising Markle not to speak to the press.

Markle ghosted other friends as well

Cundy isn’t the only person that Markle ghosted once her relationship with Harry took off.

British journalist Piers Morgan is often prickly about Markle, in part, because he said she ghosted him. After she shut him out of her circle, he’s held on to that resentment, most recently taking aim at the “silly” name that Prince Harry and Markle chose for their first child, Archie.

Morgan shared in a 2018 episode of ITV’s Loose Women: “I was on Twitter one day, and I love Suits, the show she was on in America. So I follow four of the stars of Suits, including Meghan Markle, and within ten seconds, she immediately direct messaged me, saying, ‘I’m a massive fan of yours, this is great.'”

The two exchanged emails and met at Wimbledon. Morgan recalled, “I said, ‘Do you fancy a drink? Come to my local pub.’ And there we are, 90 minutes, just me and Meghan, I’m thinking, great buddies, right?”

It didn’t last long, however, as he shared: “Next thing I know, silence. Off the radar.”

Another former friend, Ninaki Priddy, who was the maid of honor at Markle’s wedding to Trevor Engelson, has some insider perspective on this behavior. She told the Daily Mail: “All I can say now is that I think Meghan was calculated — very calculated — in the way she handled people and relationships. She is very strategic in the way she cultivates circles of friends.”