Why Has Meghan Markle Ghosted Friends? One Former Famous Pal Calls It ‘Pathetic’

Piers Morgan is fuming about Meghan Markle again, this time demanding that she come on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to explain to him why she ghosted him in the past. Morgan and Markle had struck up a friendship, only to have her bail on the TV presenter, never to be heard from again.

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Morgan explained how he got to know Markle

Morgan has been slamming Markle at every turn and it all stems from what seemed to be the beginning of a friendship that somehow evaporated along the way.

Why does Morgan have such a beef with the duchess? In a 2018 episode of ITV’s Loose Women, he explained how they struck up a friendship, noting: “I was on Twitter one day, and I love Suits, the show she was on in America. So I follow four of the stars of Suits, including Meghan Markle, and within ten seconds, she immediately direct messaged me, saying, ‘I’m a massive fan of yours, this is great.’”

Morgan continued, “I said, ‘Do you fancy a drink? Come to my local pub.’ And there we are, 90 minutes, just me and Meghan, I’m thinking, great buddies, right?”

Not exactly, as Morgan explained, “Next thing I know, silence. Off the radar.”

Morgan wants answers

Morgan said he’d like to have Markle on his show so that she can explain what happened. He told Heat magazine: “Meghan can come on (GMB) if she can explain to me why, after a year-and-a-half of being my buddy and tweeting people to say she was my buddy, she then ghosted me.”

He continued: “I actually quite liked her and she was good fun, but she didn’t just ghost me herself, she then told the other guy in Suits who I also got on with [Patrick J Adams] to ghost me, too.”

Morgan didn’t stop there, calling Markle’s actions “pathetic,” noting, “I thought it was all a bit pathetic, really. It was a bit of a warning sign because she does it to everyone. She had none of her family at the wedding and now she’s ghosted her dad.”

Has Markle done this before?

According to Morgan, his experience with Markle wasn’t unique, as he explained that she “ghosts everyone who is no longer of use to her,” adding, “It’s not a nice trait.”

He hasn’t been able to move on from the incident, he admits, sharing, “I should probably let it go, but I have to look at her face every day and think, “Why did you ghost me? It’s rude. I don’t like rude people. I wouldn’t do that.”

Marle’s former friend, Ninaki Priddy, who was the maid of honor at Markle’s wedding to Trevor Engelson, shared that Markle has exhibited this behavior in the past. She explained to the Daily Mail: “All I can say now is that I think Meghan was calculated — very calculated — in the way she handled people and relationships. She is very strategic in the way she cultivates circles of friends.”

Royal biographer Angela Levin, discussed Markle’s reputation for being “ruthless,” telling the Conservative Woman website that Markle has had to be “tough,” noting: “Climbing the slippery slope of fame, however, has required her to be tough, ruthless even, and one consequence is the perception that she is willing to leave behind those she feels are no longer useful.”