This Might Be the Reason Meghan Markle Is Truly Glad To Be Back in California

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry have already settled into their new lives in America. Though the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic upended their plans, the duo has switched gears. They’ve put the launch of their Archewell Foundation on the backburner, focused on helping those most affected by COVID-19, and being a resource for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

For the duchess’ part, stepping away from her royal role and returning home during an election year has afforded her the opportunity to speak out about the importance of voting and why women must use their voice in the forthcoming election.

In a recent chat with legendary activist Gloria Steinem, Meghan revealed why she’s so thrilled to be home.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry purchased their first home in Santa Barbara

Though they had been hunkering down with their son Archie and Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland at Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills mansion since moving to the States in March, the Sussexes have just moved.

The duo purchased their first home together, a sprawling estate located in Santa Barbara’s Montecito community. With neighbors like their dear friend, Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, and Ellen DeGeneres among others, the royal couple is going to be around like-minded people while getting the privacy they’ve been searching for.

Their $14.7 million home includes nine bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, a tea house, a children’s cottage, a full-size tennis court, a lap-lane swimming pool, and an elaborate built-in children’s playset that Archie apparently is already a major fan of.

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Meghan Markle says she’s glad to be back in California

For MAKERS Women, Meghan sat down on the grounds of her new home with her dogs and the legendary Steinem for a Q&A about women and voting. In the teaser clip, Steinem welcomed the duchess home.

“Meg, welcome home,” the actvist said. “I’m so glad that you’re home.” Meghan responded,”Me too, for so many reasons.” 

Obviously we know the various trials and tribulations that Meghan endured while living in the U.K. That included constant sexism and racism being spewed her way while having to adhere to the royals’ stiff upper lip protocol. Though we’re sure the former actor is thrilled to be back to her roots, there might be another reason why she’s so excited to be back in California.

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This might be the real reason Meghan Markle is glad to be back in California

The main reason, Meghan and Prince Harry pulled the trigger to leave the royal family, relocating one hour away from LA is for their son Archie. Santa Barbara is a tranquil location that’s exactly their speed.

Santa Barbara is a very health-conscious and holistic community that aligns with the Sussexes values. “As far as Montecito goes, that city borders Santa Barbara and it’s very wealthy,” an insider told Pod Save the Queen podcast. “Everyone knows that but respects the privacy of the locals. My experience is people in Santa Barbara are generally good-natured and well-off.” The source added that the couple won’t have to be concerned with their privacy. They explained,

It’s very expensive to live there, but it’s a fun town and very health-conscious ‒ bike paths and gorgeous beaches, mountains and hiking. I’m not surprised Harry and Meghan moved to Montecito. It’s gorgeous and as close as you’ll get away from the crazy of the cement Los Angeles area. People will be very closed off with speaking to anyone with the press. The locals do not like the press bothering the residents and will let them know they’re not wanted in order to protect their privacy. It’s just the way it works there.