Meghan Markle Has a New Nickname and She’s Not Going to Like It

The media harassment of Meghan Markle is still relentless, despite warnings from A-list stars like George Clooney to stop or possibly repeat Princess Diana history. You can probably argue Clooney’s influence isn’t as strong with the younger set running today’s paparazzi show. Some of those people likely weren’t even born when Princess Diana died in a Parisian car crash due to hounding photographers.

While you can argue the media is giving Meghan a hard time based on mere rumors, reports say people working for her are giving her unflattering nicknames. Supposedly, she’s being difficult and starting to irk assistants working in her inner circle.

Let’s take a little time to once again find what’s true and what isn’t.

Where did these rumors start?

You can trace this back about five months to November when Meghan’s personal assistant (reportedly named Melissa) quit due to all the chaos. Her assistant is the one who apparently handled much of the kerfuffle with Meghan’s dad and other relatives.

Yes, you could almost call this the role the press secretary plays in protecting our president. This usually means falling on a grenade to maintain peace and reputations.

Sacrifice like this probably wasn’t very common in royal circles in prior years. “Melissa” quit from the burnout, not including being heavily involved in the dizzy swirl of the Meghan-Harry marriage ceremony.

Since November, the media claims people working for Meghan are now developing those nasty nicknames as they move on.

Reports of more royal assistants quitting and a new nickname

The most recent news says Meghan’s other royal staff are quitting because they don’t like one particular thing: The Duchess of Sussex has a boundless work ethic.

If you think this sounds strange in the bigger picture, apparently the Brits aren’t used to the early rising schedule Meghan was used to. As an actress, she had to work hard, and it usually meant being on a set before the sun even rose.

Her staff apparently can’t hack this, not including all the ongoing internal dramas. As a result, she’s being called nicknames like “Me-Gain”, “Difficult Duchess” and “Hurricane Meghan.”

Maybe the last one isn’t entirely bad, even if the first two are painful to read let alone say.

How is Meghan reacting to these disparaging nicknames?

It’s unknown how she’s reacted to them. In fact, we don’t even know if they’re really true since it’s more news from second-hand sources about the royals. Most of us are growing weary of hearing inside stories about Markle from dubious people who claim they have inside knowledge.

We also find it troubling if there’s any truth behind “Me-Gain” being a racist term as some on social media have suggested. Inside chatter about possible racism behind the center of Markle rumors is more than a little disturbing to contemplate. After all, the media has broached this reality before when Meghan and Harry first linked up.

One thing we do know is if these nickname rumors are true, Meghan can probably handle it since she’s known for her fortitude working in Hollywood. The question is, will she find a staff staying loyal to her?

The difficulty of finding people you can trust

You can certainly see the same complexities here as our current President hiring people in the White House. While the quality of those candidates is very debatable, vetting similar individuals for Meghan’s staff is likely just as difficult.

Can she find people who will give her complete trust and not have any bias or even hidden racist attitudes? Hopefully she can find staff who create more endearing nicknames, much like the other royals have.

Meghan already calls Harry “My Love”, Harry calls her “Meg”, and Meghan’s mom once called her daughter “Flower.”

Let’s see this Flower continue to bloom without the media giving her a continual pile of dirt.