Meghan Markle Just Got Added to the Urban Dictionary and Fans Aren’t Going to Like It

At one time, it used to be flattering when your name would become an adjective or verb to describe something positive. We still see that being done for movie directors and other notable people in pop culture. Never has this been done for a royal, and it typically isn’t good when the Urban Dictionary has your name listed as a description for something negative.

It looks like Meghan Markle is the first British royal ever to end up there. Arguments are still ongoing about how derogatory this term is, beyond being a description for “ghosting.”

If you’re new to the latter term and what’s really going on here, let’s look at how Meghan’s fans might react.

What does ‘Meghan Markled’ mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, you’re “Meghan Markled” when someone ghosts you or removes you out of their life if they no longer have any use for you. Now you know what “ghosting” means in a time when so many Millennial terms are in everyday speech.

Meghan clearly got this new term because of reports of her dropping certain people out of her life after becoming a royal. You’d think Kate Middleton would have had this designation first considering the recent news about her dropping Kate Hanbury (and others) out of her life for mysterious reasons.

Per usual, Meghan is the one who gets the brunt of the most criticism. Much of this is a continuation of the nicknames she’s had to endure recently from royal officials, merely for being different from the ordinary.

Is there a hint of racism using Meghan Markle’s name in a derogatory way?

We’ve already shown that there could be some veiled racism associated with the above Meghan nicknames. While some of them may seem like innocuous terms, it isn’t something we’ve ever seen from insiders or outsiders when describing a new royal.

Despite many of the royal staff who devised these nicknames quitting in recent months, there’s definitely a silent push to try to run Meghan through the wringer simply because she breaks all the rules. Also, many say it’s because she happens to be half African-American.

Having her name turned into a new verb is only going to incense her fans, including maybe the queen if she has any awareness of Urban Dictionary. We also have to wonder why Urban Dictionary decided to take on this term and where it came from.

Did Urban Dictionary create the term or did it come from unknown sources?

There doesn’t seem to be any official record where “Meghan Markled” comes from on Urban Dictionary’s site. The only sources the site lists are anonymous people with screen names.

We’ll have to assume the term comes from the U.K. streets, hence how Urban Dictionary exists. Many British media outlets have done investigations on racist behavior in the U.K. and discovered 43% of minorities there were overlooked for jobs or faced some other kind of discrimination.

Meghan is likely aware of this, though we wonder what she thinks if she happens to discover these derogatory terms using her name in vain.

Meghan Markle’s new term connects to Piers Morgan

Most of you probably know Piers Morgan as a once-popular royal expert and journalist. Fans have recently wished Meghan would distance herself from Morgan due to his caustic comments and often blistering honesty.

At one time, though, they were good online friends. They apparently met through Twitter and kept in contact with one another because Meghan said she was a fan.

Over time, she’s dropped him from her life, seemingly by choice. If there’s any source behind the verb “Meghan Markled,” it might have come from Morgan (offhandedly) by calling her a “social climber.”

Wherever the term originated, we just hope it doesn’t catch on.