Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Shared 1 Surprising Similarity During Their Pregnancies

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton once seemed much closer than they are now. Still, despite that the women were always cordial to each other in public, there were constant rumors of a fierce feud between them.

It’s unclear where Meghan and Kate’s relationship stands at the moment, but the two reportedly have a lot of love for each other’s kids — and they shared one surprising thing in common while they were pregnant.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton | Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle once seemed close

When Meghan started dating Prince Harry, Kate seemed to take the former actress under her wing. The two women attended Wimbledon together in 2018, shortly after Meghan and Harry wed, and made another appearance at the event together in 2019. Plus, we’ve seen plenty of photos of Meghan and Kate laughing and smiling together.

Still, the press managed to create problems between the two by saying Meghan and Kate did not get along. Whether there was a feud between the women still remains unknown. 

Meghan and Kate attended Wimbledon together two years in a row.
Meghan and Kate attended Wimbledon together two years in a row. | Clive Mason/Getty Images

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The women might have more in common than we thought

From the moment Meghan joined the royal family, she was constantly compared to Kate, which made it difficult for her to win over the public. But Meghan and Kate aren’t as different as they seem. They both have a drive to make the world better; they’re mental health advocates who care a lot about supporting underrepresented groups and are working to make the world a better place.

Meghan and Kate also love kids. The women have both supported various children’s organizations and seem to know exactly how to speak and interact with the youth. They have similar hobbies and passions, too, such as yoga and fashion. 

Each duchess received a henna tattoo during a pregnancy

Kate Middleton welcomed her third child, Prince Louis, in 2018; Meghan Markle welcomed her first child, Archie, in 2019. And it turns out Kate and Meghan did something similar during their pregnancies: Both women received henna tattoos.

According to Express, the henna tattoos both symbolized good luck, and Kate received one in 2018 while pregnant with Prince Louis. Then, in 2019, when Meghan was in Morocco with Prince Harry, she received a similar henna tattoo while visiting a school in the Atlas Mountains. It’s unclear if Meghan was inspired by Kate, but it seemed both women were intrigued by the tattoos and their meanings. The tradition of henna tattoos dates back thousands of years.   

Meghan Markle's henna tattoo.
Meghan Markle received a henna tattoo just like Kate Middleton during her pregnancy. | Tim Rooke/Pool/Getty Images

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Will Meghan or Kate have another baby?

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether the royals will expand their families. For a while, many thought Kate and William would have a fourth child, but Kate said earlier this year on a podcast that she and William likely won’t have a fourth.

Last year, Harry remarked that he and Meghan would have no more than two children, though he didn’t specify any kind of timeline. Meghan and Harry have since left the royal family, and it’s possible they’ll announce another pregnancy, but there hasn’t been any word yet.