Meghan Markle’s Loyal Followers Continue to Show Support For the Duchess Amid Negative Backlash

Meghan Markle has not had a good relationship with the media since she first started dating Prince Harry back in 2016. For more than three years, she’s been trying to prove to the world that she is the woman she says she is. However, many people aren’t buying it, for differing reasons. But Meghan has still accumulated a very loyal following of people who want to see the duchess succeed, and they continue to have her back through all of this recent negativity.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle meets fans | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan has been in a media storm since she first started dating Harry

When Meghan and Harry first met back in 2016, she likely had somewhat of an understanding of what she was getting into (though she admitted her naivety in a recent interview). However, she didn’t understand how intense the British media could be toward the royal family. Harry, though, did have an understanding, since his mother had been through the same thing when she was married to Prince Charles. But from the moment word started to spread about Meghan and Harry’s relationship, the press has been publishing bad news about her. There have been stories about her strained relationship with her family, a bad attitude, and a feud with the other royals.

She’s been battling with people calling her a hypocrite

Though Meghan has been doing her best acclimating to royal life, she’s made a few mistakes — and the press has capitalized on them. Though Meghan and Harry are very passionate about the environment, they came under fire for flying on four private jets over an 11-day span during the summer. Plus, Meghan recently battled another bad look when she wore a lambskin skirt to a royal engagement. The duchess has always called herself an animal lover, and people once again attacked her for her hypocritical actions.

Despite the criticism, loyal fans have been helping her through it

Though Meghan has been through a lot as a royal, it’s definitely not true that everyone hates her. Actually, there are many loyal fans of hers who constantly leave loving comments on her Instagram posts rooting for her. The duchess recently made an appearance at Luminary Bakery, a bakery that hires women who have found themselves in difficult situations, and fans were quick to show love on the Instagram post. “Meghan I love you so much my princess… you’re so strong,” one user wrote. “I love how hard you two work in spite of!” another user commented. “Meghan’s the real queen. Love and respect you so much,” someone else added.

She recently admitted she’s not ‘OK’ 

In a recent interview with journalist Tom Bradby, Meghan opened up about how difficult life in the spotlight has been — especially since becoming a new mother. Though the interview was meant to evoke emotion and express her struggle, some saw it as a “woe is me” type of action, and it hasn’t exactly earned brownie points for the couple. However, Meghan’s loyal fans continue to have her back through the tough times, and it’s clear that some people are definitely standing with her.