Meghan Markle’s Most Expensive Maternity Outfit, Revealed

Meghan Markle has had quite a fashionable pregnancy. The Duchess of Sussex has allegedly spent more on her maternity wardrobe than any other royal woman. And, her royal engagement outfits for the last eight months add up to seven times more than Kate Middleton’s pregnancy ensembles!

Meghan Markle’s maternity wardrobe is worth seven times more than Kate Middleton’s. | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

That said, not all of Meghan Markle’s maternity outfits were high-priced. In addition to high-end designers, she also wore some more affordable looks from H&M, Aritizia, and J. Crew. However, her budget-friendly looks didn’t help her maternity wardrobe cost as much as you’d think. According to reports, the Duchess of Sussex spent a whopping $600,000 on her royal engagement wardrobe alone.

See Meghan Markle’s most expensive maternity outfit, ahead.

Meghan Markle’s most expensive maternity outfit

From Dior to Jason Wu, Meghan Markle has sported some stunning designer looks throughout her pregnancy. According to a Love the Sales report, the Duchess of Sussex has worn around 75 looks in public, which add up to around $636,679 or $8,485 per outfit. But, her most expensive maternity look is worth much more than that.

Meghan Markle in Oscar de la Renta
Meghan Markle in a $13,000 Oscar de la Renta gown. | Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

While a $4,000 coat might feel like a hefty price tag, it’s nothing compared to the Oscar de la Renta dress that Meghan Markle wore to the Geographic Society Awards early on in her pregnancy. The stunning ballgown, which featured laser-cut black bird details and a flattering white tulle skirt, reportedly cost around $13,000.

Did the Duchess of Sussex pay for her most expensive ensemble? It’s hard to say. Some reports suggest that royal women are not allowed to accept free clothing from designers. They often request clothing upfront and then purchase what they keep. That said, for award shows and other occasions, they might borrow a dress from a designer because, royal or not, $13,000 is a lot to spend on one dress. Our belief is that Meghan Markle most likely borrowed the dress from Oscar de la Renta. However, she does have a wardrobe allowance, so it’s hard to say for sure.

Meghan Markle’s maternity wardrobe

In addition to her Oscar de la Renta dress, Meghan Markle has dressed in a variety of luxury pieces, as well as more conservatively priced (for a duchess) items. And, her maternity wardrobe has even made an impact on the economy.

Love the Sales’ report revealed that some of Meghan Markle’s maternity outfits were such a hit that designers and brands have received an impressive increase in search traffic and sales. One designer in particular, Karen Gee experienced a 5,800% increase in search volume and a website crash after the Duchess of Sussex stepped out in the Australian designer’s “Blessed” white shift dress after her baby announcement.

Meghan Markle also helped sustainable sneaker brand, Veja with some sales. While spectating an Invictus Games sailing competition, the Duchess of Sussex stepped out in sneakers for the first time, causing a frenzy of internet searches for Veja V-10 Sneakers. The brand reportedly saw an overnight uptick in search volume by 300%.

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