Meghan Markle Named No. 1 Social Riser –Why That’s a Bad Thing

Meghan Markle was recently called a “failed actress” by a royal biographer. While that couldn’t be further from the truth, it seems to fit with the narrative that the British media is pushing.

The British tabloids are constantly attacking the duchess and undermining her accomplishments.

One of Meghan’s biggest critics is Piers Morgan, host of a British morning talk show. Morgan has been vehemently against the duchess since day one. He’s undoubtedly done a lot to fuel the rumors and attacks against Meghan. 

With Piers Morgan, it’s personal

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Mark Large – WPA Pool/Getty Images

It turns out that Piers Morgan knows the duchess personally, and that’s what has driven him to be so outspoken against her. Morgan met the future duchess before she knew Prince Harry, and they went on a few social outings together. He claims that once she met the prince, she essentially ghosted him.

According to Morgan, he did nothing to earn this type of social slight, and he claims that Meghan dropped him as soon as she found someone higher on the social ladder.

Considering his nasty behavior toward Meghan, it’s hard to believe he did nothing wrong. He seems like he has a mean streak, and it’s possible Meghan notices during their time together. The Duchess of Sussex is very quiet about her personal life, and has never said anything against Morgan. We’re willing to bet her side of the story is very different. 

Now Meghan has been named a ‘social riser’

The Tatler’s ‘Top 10 Social Risers’ list is out, and the duchess has made the cut. In fact, she’s number one. The colorful language and vivid imagery used to describe the duchess in the article may be entertaining to read, but it doesn’t quite hide the nasty undercurrent. 

One clear sign that being named the number one social riser is a bad thing is Piers Morgan’s reaction to it. He seems almost gleeful at this insult to Meghan. In his mind, naming Meghan a social riser validates his story that she ghosted him after finding a bigger fish. 

He went as far as to say the duchess steps on others in her climb up the social ladder, and that her path is “littered with the carcasses of those who once knew” her. 

Again, we can’t know that’s the truth. It seems more likely that Meghan cut off contact with Morgan after discovering his unpleasant personality, which he’s shown off in spades in the way he goes after Meghan. 

It’s not a compliment 

Even the Tatler admits that Meghan is not quite a social riser, which is what makes naming her one kind of offensive. Meghan was educated at a prestigious private college in the states, Northwestern University. She graduated with a double major, and went on to a successful acting career.

She comes from successful parents, too. Her father won an Emmy for lighting work. She’s not a climber, because she was already pretty close to the top. Naming her one is almost certainly shade. 

The next two social risers on the list came from more humble backgrounds than the duchess. John Beckrow, an MP, is number two. His father was a taxi driver, and he became a political force. 

Jerry Hall is number three. Her father was a truck driver. Like Meghan, she’s on the list because of a marriage. She’s the wife of billionaire Rupert Murdoch. She’s had a few famous relationships, including one with rock star Mick Jagger. It’s unfair to say that she married up, though. She had a successful modeling career in her day. 

Maybe the Tatler has something against American women, considering they take spots one and three on their list. Both women had careers in entertainment before marrying successful or famous men. It’s an interesting trend, considering the British media has been accused of sexism and racism in their coverage of Meghan. Even though the duchess may be bothered by all the nasty attacks, she hasn’t let it get to her too much. She’s focused on bigger things.