Meghan Markle or Prince Harry: Who Does Archie Harrison Look Like More?

Have you heard the great news? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have given birth to a healthy baby boy. On May 6th, 2019, an official announcement went out, and social media blew up with excitement. Their baby weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 oz, and his parents already look completely smitten and a little tired.

After months of waiting, for his tiny Royal Highnesses to finally make his debut, the palace confirmed his arrival. And, we just got word that his name is equally worth the wait. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is seventh in line for the British Throne. 

His parent’s, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, were beaming from ear to ear, while they stood for pictures. Markle was doting on the royal baby as Prince Harry held him. Now that we have had our first glimpse of the baby, we want to know who does Archie look like more? Does he take after his mother or his father?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were cute babies

Now that the newest member of the Royal family has arrived, we want to know who he looks like more. But first, we need to see what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry looked like when they were little. And, yes they were super cute too. I mean just look at the couple now, and you can guess they were beautiful babies.

Lucky for us we have baby pictures of the Duke and Duchess. You can see in the picture of Markle, that at a young age she already had beautiful black hair. She also has a big smile on her face, which is something we have all grown accustomed to seeing. Even though she is only a baby in the picture, you can see that her lips are fuller, compared to Prince Harry’s baby picture.

Prince Harry as a baby
Prince Harry as a baby | via Instagram

When we look at the picture of baby Harry, crawling around the palace, it’s his fair hair and red cheeks that stand out the most. If you ask us, there is a lot of the late Princess Diana in his features. He also has a tiny button nose to go with his big blue eyes. Now that we know what the royal couple looked like as babies, how does that compare with their new bundle of joy?

Who does Archie look like more?

If you check out the first images of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, you can already see some similarities to both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. If you look closely at his tiny little nose, you can see that it looks a lot like baby Harry’s button nose.

Another feature that sticks out to us is Archie’s adorable lips. Notice that they are full like his mama’s. He also has Markle’s signature bow in his upper lip. So, we are guessing he has inherited his mother’s bright smile.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see what color hair he has, if any at all. He was wearing a white beanie and bundled up in a blanket. It will be interesting to see if he gets his father’s signature red locks.

What do the Duke and Duchess think?

According to the Duke and Dutchess, their new baby looks a little different every day. A baby grows so fast in the first year. It might be a while before anyone can fully know who Archie takes after most. 

When a photographer asked, “Who does he take after, does he look like anyone?” Meghan Markle answered, “we’re still trying to figure that one out.” Prince Harry explained, “Everyone says that babies change so much over two weeks.” For now, all they can do is wait and watch their little one grow.

They also told the press that Archie was a good baby, and very calm. “He has the sweetest temperament, he’s really calm,” she said while caressing the little guy. Prince Harry chimed in with a joke, “I wonder where he gets that from” and the couple laughed.

The public seems to think he takes after Meghan Markle 

At first, it looked like fans of the Duke and Duchess were leaning toward Markle’s side. As soon as news broke people started speculating on who Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor would look like more. According to initial social media posts, people thought he looked more like his mother. 

Now as more and more people have had a chance to chime in, it looks split. I guess, just like the royal couple, we will have to wait and see. Not that we are complaining. Many of us got to watch Prince Harry and his big brother grow into the men they are now. Seeing all the royals grow up and take on the royal responsibilities, is something many fans look forward to seeing.