How Much Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Baby Weigh?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting the newest addition to their family to arrive soon. And many people have noticed that Meghan’s baby bump has been growing and growing. It’s possible to pinpoint the weight of Meghan and Harry’s future baby — based on a few factors. Here’s how much the couple’s first child could weigh.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Edinburgh
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle | Andrew Milligan – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan and Harry are expecting in late April

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced back in October that a little bundle of joy was on the way. The two were married in 2018, and they said before tying the knot that they were already excited to start a family. The couple has been preparing for the baby in several ways; the most well-known of which was their move to Frogmore Cottage. The couple reportedly wants to raise their child (or children) on the grounds of Windsor Castle because it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the media surrounding Kensington Palace. (There have also been rumors of a feud between Meghan and Kate being the reason for the move, but that hasn’t been proven.)

Harry weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces when he was born

Harry was born almost an exactly average weight. The prince weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces at birth, so he wasn’t an exceptionally big or small baby. Most babies weigh somewhere between 5 pounds 8 ounces and 8 pounds 13 ounces at birth, according to Prince William, on the other hand, weighed just over seven pounds when he was born; still within the average, but a bit toward the heavier side. It’s unclear how much Meghan weighed when she was born, but the baby’s weight depends on several factors — and one is the genes of his or her parents.

There is a good chance Meghan and Harry’s baby will weigh close to what Harry weighed

Several factors play a role in determining how much a baby will weigh at birth. One of those factors is genes; it’s possible the baby will weigh similar to what his or her father weighed. However, there’s more to it than that. The nutrients the mother provides also play a role in birth weight, along with environmental factors. Meghan has always lived an incredibly healthy lifestyle, so it can be assumed she’s providing plenty of nutrients to her baby. Environmental factors such as smoking and obesity can also contribute to lighter or heavier weights. But since neither of those things affect Meghan, there is a good chance her baby will weigh right in between the average birth weights — somewhere near Harry’s birth weight.

Some believe Meghan may actually be having twins  

In a turn of events, people have started to think Meghan may be carrying twins. Some have said her bump is so big that she must certainly be carrying two babies. And since Meghan is taller than the average woman, she does have an increased chance of having twins. Plus, she is over 35, and studies suggest that increases her odds, too. However, genetics also play a major role, and there don’t appear to be any signs of multiple births in the British royal family. Odds are, Meghan is only carrying one child, but fans aren’t entirely convinced.

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