Could Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Baby Be Worth More Money Than Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Kids?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting ready to welcome their first child. And when a royal family member is pregnant, the pregnancy gets a lot of attention from the public. But that also means royal babies boost the British economy; when a new baby arrives in the royal family, people see it as a reason to celebrate. They make big purchases, whether it’s splurging on something they’ve always wanted or buying baby clothes for their own babies that match what the royal baby is wearing. In many ways, these royal babies are worth a ton of money to the British economy — and everyone seems incredibly excited about Meghan and Harry’s little one. But how will Baby Sussex compare to his or her cousins when it comes to monetary worth?

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child next month. | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince George’s birth brought $3.6 billion to the British economy

When Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their first child, everyone wanted to celebrate. The first child of a future king brought plenty of money to the economy. In fact, at age four, Prince George was worth about $3.6 billion to the British economy, according to This was mostly due to his fashion choices. People became obsessed with the adorable shorts George wore as well as his sweaters. He had a massive impact on toddler fashion, and as people began to buy more clothes, the young prince added more and more money to the economy. Plus, he was the first child of Will and Kate, so people made purchases in celebration of his arrival.  

Princess Charlotte is worth about $5 billion, but Prince Louis hasn’t quite met his siblings’ worth  

Princess Charlotte is worth even more than her brother as a toddler, and it’s largely suspected that her gender is the reason. Parents tend to be obsessed with dressing their little girls, and Charlotte’s fashion choices are a big part of how she’s generated so much money for the economy. Charlotte’s birth was dubbed the “Charlotte effect,” reported, and the ties to various brands made her worth a ton of money. Prince Louis, on the other hand, was less exciting. Louis is William and Kate’s third child, so the excitement died down for him a bit. Plus, the public already experienced the birth of a boy and girl, so Louis’ arrival was essentially something everyone had seen before.

Baby Sussex will likely boost both the British and American economies, making his or her net worth comparable to Charlotte’s

In terms of the British economy, Harry and Meghan’s baby will probably be worth slightly less than Charlotte and George. Although the arrival will be very exciting and the baby will probably generate more money than Louis did, the child isn’t the son of a future king. Harry and Meghan are very widely respected, but they aren’t giving birth to a future sovereign king or queen. However, Meghan is American, and that means more people than ever in the United States are paying attention to Meghan and Harry’s baby. When Baby Sussex arrives, he or she may generate more money to the American economy than any of the baby’s royal cousins did. Between the two economies, the baby’s net worth will probably be comparable to Charlotte’s.

A royal baby’s economic worth depends mostly on gender and family line

When it comes to how much a royal baby is worth, the two most deciding factors are gender and family line. George was the first born of a future ruler, which is why he generated billions of dollars for the economy. And Charlotte was a girl, which had a lot to do with her $5 billion worth. If Harry and Meghan welcome a girl as their first born, it will likely do more for the economy than if they welcome a boy.

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