Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Gush About Each Other Being the ‘Best’ Mom and Dad to Archie, Admit They’re ‘So Busy’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kicked off their royal tour of Africa this week and are already gushing about each other’s abilities as a new parent and it’s so sweet. They’re clearly loving their gig as parents to baby Archie and have high praise for one another.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry parenting skills
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Karwai Tang/WireImage

They called each other the best mom and dad

During a visit to Monwabisi Beach to learn about the mental wellness group Waves for Change, they participated in a “power hand” session, in which each person had to identify one strength. One of the coaches asked if Markle’s strength was dancing (as she and Harry had showed some dance moves during their visit to Africa).

Ash Heese, a manager for Waves for Change, shared that Markle “laughed and said, ‘Not that,’” adding, “She said parenting is the new strength that she and Harry are learning.”

Heese continued: “She said, ‘He’s the best dad,’ and [Harry] said, ‘No, she’s the best mom.’”

The couple admit they’re “busy” with Archie

As you’d imagine, life is busy for the new parents and Markle confirmed just how much so during an afternoon tea with residents of the Bo Kaap area of Cape Town, South Africa on the second day of their tour. Markle shared, “Our plate is full with a 5-month-old at the moment — so busy.”

Prince Harry and Markle traveled to Africa with baby Archie, but aside from catching a glimpse of him, royal fans haven’t seen the baby join his parents for any of their engagements yet.

Markle did leave Prince Harry, as they parted with a goodbye kiss before he set out for a solo outing and she went to be with the baby.

Prince Harry revealed during one visit to the District Six Museum that Archie was “sleeping” and admitted that the travel was tiring, noting, “He’s not grouchy, just exhausted.”

The couple shared more Archie details

During their tea, hosts Shamiela Sanodien and her sister, Nazli Edross-Fakier, dished on some of the conversation highlights.

Edross-Fakier shared with Vanity Fair: “Meghan was so sweet, we spoke about her being on Suits; we told her we adored her in Suits and she was flattered.”

She continued: “We talked about her being a new mum. She said it was very exciting and she said she’s really enjoying it. The prince said that Archie was a good little boy and slept on Meghan’s chest most of the time. It was wonderful having them for tea.“

Edross-Fakier further shared that the couple have enjoyed their visit, noting: “They love the people and they said they’ve been taken aback by how relaxed South Africans are. Meghan said she was really enjoying South Africa and the people. It’s her first time and she didn’t know what to expect but you could see how calm and happy she was.”

Sanodien added: “It was a great pleasure having them here. They make you feel very relaxed. Harry said being back in South Africa was like coming home. She’s lovely, friendly and so warm. She shows an interest in people you can see that.”

She continued: “They mentioned Archie and that he’s a wonderful traveler and loves Africa because he was very at ease being in Cape Town. He sounds like a quiet little baby.”