Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Royal Staff Members Keep Quitting

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Facundo Arrizabalaga - Pool/Getty Images
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Facundo Arrizabalaga – Pool/Getty Images

Are tensions running high at the Sussex household as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare for the birth of their first child? Markle’s right-hand woman (assistant private secretary), Amy Pickerill, recently handed in her resignation to the Royals just one year after she began her position.

The duties of the assistant private secretary

Pickerill’s official duties include helping Markle organize charity projects as well as the day-to-day tasks of the duchess’s life. She also, unofficially, helped Markle adjust to royal life, according to E! News.  

She’s leaving on good terms

Despite the high turnover, the royal couple has experienced lately with their staff, Pickerill says she’s leaving on good terms and will stay until after the birth of Markle and Harry’s child this spring.

“Amy will be leaving but has agreed to stay on to help following the birth of the baby,” a source told NBC News. “She and Meghan are very close and it’s all very amicable. She has been with her since she moved from Canada and she will remain as a personal adviser to her in the long term.”

Amy Pickerill’s replacement

According to The Times, Markle and Harry’s temporary private secretary, Samantha Cohen, does not wish to stay in the position permanently. She also plans on departing shortly after the baby is born. According to The Times, Markle was hoping to keep her on permanently.   

50-year-old Cohen, who hails from Australia, has worked for the royal family for 17 years. She is Queen Elizabeth II’s former assistant private secretary. Perhaps it was just time for Cohen to move on.  

“Sam will be a huge loss,” a source close to Meghan told The Times. “Going forward, Meghan might need someone cut from a slightly different cloth to traditional courtiers, who is not a career civil servant or royal insider.”

Meghan Markle’s personal assistant quit

Just before Cohen announced her departure, Markle’s personal assistant, Melissa Touabti, quit after working for six months in her position. E! News reports that the two had a difficult relationship.

Touabti’s role included managing the Sussexes’ schedules and helping the royal couple with their wedding preparations.

All of these departures are taking place amidst rumors that state that the Duchess is a hard boss to work for.  

In November, The Daily Mail featured a source saying that Meghan typically starts her day at 5 a.m. and messages her staff with requests about seven times a day.

“Meghan needs someone with reserves of energy and patience to help her define her future role,” the source told the publication.

Meghan Markle’s dad responds to the rumors

Markle and her father haven’t always had the best relationship, but he reportedly gave a statement to the Daily Mail about his daughter’s nature.

“The Meghan I know was always sweet, kind, generous. She was always demanding but never rude,” Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, told the Daily Mail.

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