Is Meghan Markle Pulling Prince Harry Away From the Royal Family?

Rumors have been flying in the royal family lately, and one person seems to be at the center of them: Meghan Markle. Prince Harry’s new wife has reportedly had some problems with other royal family members. And recently, the couple announced they’d be moving away from Kensington Palace and onto the grounds of Windsor Castle. But is Meghan the reason the couple has been straying from the royal family?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan and Kate Middleton aren’t very close

When Meghan was introduced to the royal family, those close to Kate suspected the two might not ever be best friends. Meghan and Kate are quite different, and expecting a major friendship from the two meant expecting a lot. However, Kate did show Meghan the ropes when it came to being a royal, and the two were all smiles when they attended their first outing with just each other. But while they may have been friendly, rumors eventually leaked that things between them weren’t perfect. There were reports that Kate was frustrated at a dress fitting and left in tears, and sources have said the two aren’t as close as the press assumes they are.

Princess Eugenie was reportedly very upset when Meghan did not attend her wedding reception

Meghan and Kate might not be best friends, and it doesn’t look like she’s very close with Eugenie, either. It’s been reported that things between Meghan and the princess became rocky when Meghan failed to attend the new bride’s wedding reception after she married Jack Brooksbank this past October. Granted, Meghan is expecting a child, but Kate and Will spent the whole evening with Eugenie and her new husband, and Meghan was a no show. Harry only stopped by long enough to have a drink. It upset Eugenie, and now everyone can’t help but wonder why Meghan snubbed her new family members.

Meghan and Harry are moving away from Kensington Palace

Meghan and Harry announced recently that they were moving away from Kensington Palace. The couple has decided to shack up on the grounds of Windsor Castle, which is about 20 miles away from Kensington Palace, so they won’t be nearly as close to the other royal family members. There are several possible reasons why, and one may be that the couple simply wants a bit more privacy. But with things on the rocks between Meghan and her new relatives, there could be more to the story than just extra privacy.

The couple does not want to raise their children with royal titles

Harry and Meghan also don’t want their future children to hold royal titles. They would prefer to raise them to live the most normal lives possible, which may have played a role in that move to Windsor Castle. Those close to Harry have said he wishes he’d had a more normal childhood, which could have played into the couple not wanting a royal title. Plus, their children will be allowed to assume the job of their choice and won’t need to work for the royal family.

The reason Harry and Meghan are moving far away remains unclear, but it’s possible that with Meghan’s supposed royal feuds have convinced her and the prince to start a life elsewhere.

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