Meghan Markle Quietly Told the World She’s Over Royal Protocols and Restrictions

Meghan Markle has experienced a lot of problems with the way that the British media portrays her. But over the past couple of months, there has been a marked shift in the way that Markle has been communicating with the public and press.

The evolution began when Markle and Prince Harry were on their trip to Africa and is continuing even now, as Markle resumes her royal duties for the royal family. It is possible that Markle could be signaling to critics that she is ready to start doing things her own way, on her own terms.

Keep reading to learn what Markle has been doing that gently rejects royal restrictions and whether or not this marks a new beginning for the beleaguered Duchess of Sussex. 

Meghan Markle has had nothing but trouble with the media

Meghan Markle attends the annual Remembrance Sunday memorial.
Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Ever since the beginning of her fairy-tale relationship with Prince Harry, Markle has been repeatedly attacked by the British media. The press has hounded her for everything from her family troubles to her previous marriage. It seems as though nothing Markle does will be good enough, and the pressure finally caught up with her. 

During Markle’s trip to Africa, she gave a revealing interview to Tom Bradby, where she talked about how unfair the British media is. She also talked about how hard it was to cope with the negativity, especially during her pregnancy and in the first few months of new motherhood.

While many felt sympathy for Markle for her obvious pain, the interview didn’t really help her case with the press, and the negative press has continued. Still, Markle seems to have found new strength in being so vulnerable, as her actions in recent weeks have revealed. 

Did Meghan Markle send a message about royal protocol?

Now that Markle is back in England, she has resumed her royal duties full force. In one recent appearance, Markle raised eyebrows when she was greeted with a curtsy, the traditional way for “commoners” to greet members of the royal family.

However, Markle rejected the curtsy and gave the woman a warm hug. Royal experts spoke out afterward, stating that “it’s clear Meghan was trying to show warmth through her offer to hug as a greeting.”

It is very possible that this hug has a double meaning. Markle could be using this more informal method of greeting people to signal that she’s done following the restrictions of royal protocol and that she intends to start living a royal life on her own terms. She might figure that it’s time to try something new since she can’t win with the press regardless. 

What’s next for Meghan Markle?

There is another indication that Markle is trying to change the narrative in her favor. She and Prince Harry recently announced that they would be taking legal action against the British publication Mail on Sunday after they published a private letter that Markle had written to her estranged father.

The bold move has royal critics convinced that the couple is ready to start living life on their own terms, free of the bullying of the press.

Markle is, after all, a mother now, and her priorities in life have no doubt shifted a bit. She will undoubtedly want to be as happy as possible, both for her sanity and for the happiness of her new family. If that means she has to defy royal standards, then so be it. The start of the new year could definitely mark a whole new beginning for Duchess Meghan.