Does Meghan Markle Fear For Her Safety?

Meghan Markle is living her best life as a member of the British Royal Family. With a slew of royal patronages and charities on her calendar — as well as the upcoming birth of her first child, Markle seems to be the happiest she’s ever been. However, with a world uber-obsessed with the Britsh Royal family and all of the mania surrounding the former actress and her husband, Prince Harry –the attention is undoubtedly more than a bit overwhelming.

Meghan Markle has extensive security, but with the world tracking her every move does the Duchess of Sussex fear for her safety?

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, visits a market in Suva, Fiji
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, visits a market in Suva, Fiji | Ian Vogler – Pool/Getty Images

Does Meghan Markle fear for her safety?

Though Markle was used to being in the spotlight as a Hollywood actress on the hit series Suits, her celebrity as a member of the British Royal Family has put her under a microscope. Though she appears calm and collected, The Sun is reporting that Markle does fear for her personal safety. A royal insider revealed,

She doesn’t feel safe enough to go out on her own without protection. There are certain things she’s extremely paranoid about, such as being physically attacked. Harry has fed into this — he’s hugely protective and doesn’t want her to be put at any risk so that understandable worry has made her very uneasy. There is no way she’d consider putting her personal safety and that of her unborn child at risk.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s security concerns

Seeing what his own mother, the late Princess Diana, dealt with when it came to the press, as well as her tragic death –Prince Harry is particularly vigilant about his wife’s security. In fact, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex just broke the lease on their Cotswolds country home due to security concerns.

A source told Closer Weekly, “The property is not situated on a heavily guarded estate and is not as heavily protected as it could be. Plus, there is also some worry about the strain that their presence means for the local police force.” Both Prince Harry and Markle have seen first hand what a breach of privacy can do to the royal family. The prince had his own nudes leaked; Duchess Kate Middleton was photographed topless while sunbathing in the privacy of her vacation home, and Princess Diana died after being chased through Paris by the paparazzi. It’s better to be vigilant now than to be sorry later.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Why did Meghan Markle’s female bodyguard quit?

When  Prince Harry’s head of security, Sergeant Bill Renshaw retired after 30 years of service, Duchess Meghan Markle was determined to get a female bodyguard–and she found one. The female officer whose name has not been released by Kensington Palace was seen protecting Markle during a chaotic outing a Fiji market. However, after just six months on the job, the woman resigned leaving the duchess feeling “gutted.”

Daily Mail reported that the woman left her post for personal reasons. A source revealed, “It came as quite a shock. Everyone was very sad at the news. As was she. It was clear it was a decision she hadn’t taken lightly.” However, other royal insiders have said that the duchess desire to act like “one of the people” makes guarding her particularly difficult.

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