Meghan Markle and Serena Williams’ Relationship: Why the Duchess Says the Tennis Star Is Her Closest Confidante

As a member of the royal family, Meghan Markle has a lot of high-profile friends. However, the Duchess of Sussex was friends with a lot of celebrities prior to even knowing Prince Harry (let alone marrying him). Case in point: Meghan Markle has considered Serena Williams one of her best friends and confidantes since 2014. Curious to know what their friendship is like? We take a closer look at Meghan Markle and Serena Williams’ relationship, ahead.

Serena Williams at the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry

Serena Williams attended Meghan Markle’s wedding in May 2018. | Ian West/AFP/Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Serena Williams’ relationship

Serena Williams and Meghan Markle have been friends for over four years. In that time, the two have grown in their career and personal lives, as Serena Williams recently had her first child and Meghan Markle, well, married a royal prince and is now pregnant with an heir to the British throne (no big deal). Here’s an inside look at Meghan Markle and Serena Williams’ relationship.

They played flag football together

Meghan Markle and Serena Williams first met back in February 2014 while participating in DirectTV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl. The two teamed up in a flag football match and allegedly hit it off right away. “We hit it off immediately, taking pictures, laughing through the flag football game we were both playing in, and chatting not about tennis or acting, but about all the good old fashioned girly stuff,” Meghan wrote on her former lifestyle blog, The Tig. “So began our friendship,” she added.

They support each other’s careers

Not long after their first meeting, the two best friends were already supporting each other in every endeavor. In September 2014, after Serena Williams won the U.S. Open championship for the third consecutive time, Meghan posted a photo taken from the stands and write: “She did it! @serenawilliams! #bravo #friends #usopen,” she captioned a photo taken from the stands of Williams moments after she became victorious. Williams returned the support by contributing to a number of blog posts of Meghan Markle’s lifestyle website. And, in 2016, Meghan Markle showed up for Serena’s fashion show at New York Fashion Week. “My eyes are closed but my heart is so open!” Markle captioned a photo of the two of them backstage (and, Meghan Markle’s eyes were closed in the image). “So proud of your new collection @serenawilliams Happy I could be there to support you xx #NYFW.”

Meghan calls Serena her ‘confidante’

Meghan Markle without a doubt entrusts her friend with pretty much everything. The duchess once even gushed about her relationship with the tennis star in a blog post on The Tig stating: “She quickly became a confidante I would text when I was traveling, the friend I would rally around for her tennis matches, and the down to earth chick I was able to grab lunch with just a couple weeks ago in Toronto.”

Serena watched Meghan walk down the aisle

Earlier this year, Serena Williams was one of the lucky ones that got to witness Meghan Markle become a wife — and a member of the royal family. Serena was one of the duchess’s close friends sitting in the audience, beaming with pride as Meghan Markle made her way down the aisle. She then celebrated the nuptials at the afternoon reception and again the dinner reception.

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