Meghan Markle Shares Proof That Anyone Can Make a Difference in the World

Many people may think that in order to make an impact and reach millions of people, you have to already be in the public eye. After all, high-profile people can easily reach as many members of the public as they choose. They already have the connections that they need, and when they speak, everyone tends to listen.

What these same people don’t realize is that this is not necessarily true. While it may be a little harder for some people to have their voices heard, it is definitely not impossible. 

Meghan Markle has always been a feminist as well as a humanitarian, something that she is extremely proud of. In fact, this is one of the reasons why we love her so much. She has beliefs that she always sticks to, and becoming a member of the royal family has not changed her outlook on things one bit.

Even before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan was adamant about certain things, and she never let anyone tell her otherwise. So, how did the Duchess of Sussex share proof that anyone can make a difference in the world?

Meghan is a proud feminist

meghan Markle smiling in a red dress
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Jeremy Selwyn – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Being a feminist is something that has always been important to Meghan, chances are, for as long as she can remember. According to Future Women, she has a long history of defending women’s rights and has made quite the statement over the years.

How, exactly, has she done this? Saying that she is “proud” to be a feminist was something that she first said in 2015 in a speech on International Women’s Day, and she has always stuck by it.

Even while working on the television drama Suits, Meghan approached the show’s creator when she felt that her wardrobe was inappropriate. It is reasons like this why Meghan has always been admired by all who know her. 

Extensive charity work

Standing up for women’s rights is definitely not the only thing that Meghan devotes a huge portion of her time to. She does extensive charity work, which has been a passion of hers long before she was the wife of Prince Harry.

The Cut reports that Meghan is involved in a charity known as World Vision, which focuses on education, as well as the Myna Mahila Foundation, which supports women’s issues. In addition, the Duchess of Sussex is a counselor for One Young World, an organization that promotes positive change.

What else does Meghan do? She has several royal patronages dealing with education, the welfare of animals, and women’s empowerment, all issues that are close to her heart.

While Meghan is taking over some of these patronages from her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, we can only imagine that she is honored to make these causes part of her royal duties and of her life.

Meghan Markle shares proof that anyone can make a difference in the world

Although Meghan goes out of her way to touch lives around the world, it is not her former celebrity or current royal status that allows her to do so. How did the duchess prove that anyone who wishes to can make a difference?

Town & Country reports that a video was recently shared on the royals social media account, telling the story of how an 11-year-old Meghan took action when she was offended by an advertisement for dishwashing detergent.

When the wording in the commercial was aimed at women, suggesting that kitchen duties were their responsibility, Meghan decided to write a letter to the company. It turns out that they listened, and the advertisement was changed as a result.

Even as a young child, Meghan proved that by taking action, anyone can enact change and make a positive difference if they choose to.