Meghan Markle Is Smarter Than All of the Other Senior Royals, Insider Claims

A lot has been said about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Since she and Prince Harry first went public with their relationship, every aspect of Meghan’s life has been scrutinized to within an inch of its life. There have been rumors about the duchess’ career aspirations, her temperament, and her personality.

Many of these things have been unfounded gossip. However following Megxit, there is one thing that has become increasingly clear, Meghan is never going to let anyone change her or dim her light. After struggling in the spotlight as a senior working member of the British royal family, the duchess decided to take back her narrative. She and her husband, Prince Harry, resigned from royal life.

Now, the Sussexes are living their best lives in Meghan’s hometown of LA as they press forward with their future endeavors. In fact, a royal insider has said Meghan would have never survived royal life since she’s smarter than the rest of the royals anyway.

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Meghan Markle knows exactly what she wants

As a former actor, Meghan carefully cultivated her image for Hollywood. She starred on the USA drama series, Suits as the whip-smart paralegal, Rachel Zane. However, she was also an outspoken activist who used her free time to give back as much as possible.

“Even though [Meghan] was a famous actress, she could still do what she wanted in the way of getting around freely,” an insider told the Daily Mail in 2018. “But in her current role she can’t go anywhere without her protection team, and that’s a massive constraining force on an individual like her.”

Though Meghan knows exactly what she wants, there is very little room for individuality within the royal family. This was very unsettling for someone who is so independent.

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Meghan Markle’s work ethic shocked the British royal family

Though she was initially praised for her work ethic, palace aides reportedly began to resent Meghan as they rushed to try and execute all of her plans at a rapid-fire pace.

“It is said palace staff have never experienced anything remotely like Meghan’s formidable work ethic, matched only by the incessant stream of ideas about how to shape her role,” Daily Mail reported in 2019. “Though the aides see her enthusiasm as well-meaning, her up and at ’em West Coast energy is an uncomfortable fit with the more formal ethos of some of the palace staff.”

In the end, though the duchess was simply trying to put her best foot forward, the palace didn’t know what to do with her so she was labeled, “difficult.” “It was felt that she was demanding,” royal author Tom Quinn explained to Fox News. “I think Meghan felt, ‘I’ve got to really do this. I’ve got to show them that I mean business.’ … I think there’s some truth in it, in the problem being that she’s so different. And so that inevitably made it more difficult from the outset for her to be accepted fully as part of the royal family. And the press is very powerful in Britain.”

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Meghan Markle is smarter than the other royals

Meghan has been highly praised for her intellect. “All of their IQs put together would not equal hers,” a royal aide revealed in the new book, Royals at War: The Untold Story of Harry and Meghan’s Shocking Split with the House of Windsor.

However, it appears that she was also resented for having a singular vision about how things should be done. “Meghan is much better educated and more academic,” Lady Colin Campbell told The Independent. “Meghan is almost disturbingly self-confident… We must hope she realizes that her vision is not the only vision.”