Meghan Markle Spent ‘Many Hours’ Writing That Letter to Her Father, According to Court Documents

New details are emerging about the letter Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wrote her father, Thomas Markle, in the months after her royal wedding. The note is at the center of Meghan’s ongoing lawsuit with a tabloid. While legal proceedings may be winding down soon (more on that later) the public’s just now learning how long it took Meghan to write and who reviewed it before she sent it off to her father. 

Meghan Markle wrote the letter to her father in 2018

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Meghan, who is currently pregnant with baby no. 2, penned a heartfelt letter to her father in the months after her royal wedding. Per Newsweek, Meghan’s court filing says she began putting pen to paper, or more accurately fingers to keyboard, in August 2018.

“She started drafting the Electronic Draft on the Notes application of her iPhone in around the first week of August 2018, spending many hours working on it, until it was in a form with which she was happy,” the document read. 

By that time, drama involving Meghan’s family had been playing out publicly for months. Markle didn’t attend the royal wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex on May 19, 2018. Only weeks before the nuptials Meghan’s father found himself at the center of a scandal. He was discovered to have posed for staged paparazzi photos that were passed off as candid. 

Then Markle had an alleged heart attack, which was later reported to have been faked. Finally in August 2018, Meghan wrote the letter to her father pleading with him to stop talking to the media.

Meghan Markle showed a draft of the letter to Prince Harry and a former staff member 

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Also released as part of Meghan’s recent court filing were details of who she shared the letter with. According to the filing, the Duchess of Sussex showed a draft of the letter to Harry and their then-communications secretary, Jason Knauf:

“She shared a draft of that Draft with her husband and Mr. Knauf for support, as this was a deeply painful process that they had lived through with her, and because Mr. Knauf was responsible for keeping the senior members of the Royal household apprised of any public-facing issues—the media spectacle surrounding Mr. Markle being one such issue.”

The court filing also said that Knauf, the same person who accused Meghan of bullying two staffers out of the royal household, gave “general comments” on the letter. Meghan eventually got the letter to her father.

In February 2019, Markle gave it to Mail on Sunday, a decision Markle’s since defended. The tabloid published lengthy excerpts, prompting Meghan to launch a copyright and privacy lawsuit.

The lawsuit over Meghan Markle’s letter to her father may be ending soon

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The Duchess of Sussex’s lengthy lawsuit might be done soon. Meghan’s lawyers have asked a court to issue a final judgement on her case. Specifically, the claim made by Mail on Sunday the 39-year-old sent the letter as part of a media strategy. Also the claim that people in the Kensington Palace press office helped Meghan write it. 

Knauf submitted a statement saying he didn’t help Meghan write the letter, only that he suggested she include something about Markle’s health problems. Now Meghan waits to see if the court agrees to end the case with a judge making a “summary judgement.” 

Meanwhile, Meghan’s living in California with Harry and their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Meghan’s father has never met Archie and relations between the father and daughter remain strained.