Meghan Markle’s Struggle With the Media Could be Seriously Damaging to Archie

Meghan Markle has finally admitted that life as a new mother in the spotlight is hard. And as a royal, the Duchess of Sussex always has to put on a smiling face, even if she’s struggling behind the scenes. Ever since she married Prince Harry, she has been plagued with negative media stories that have taken a toll on both her and Prince Harry’s mental health. But they aren’t the only people suffering from it; it could actually be seriously damaging to their young son.

Meghan Markle with Archie
Meghan Markle with Archie | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Since Meghan and Harry started dating, they’ve been in the media nonstop

Things haven’t been easy for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. When Meghan and Harry first started dating, things seemed to be going well. However, it wasn’t long before the tabloids started to publish stories about Meghan that dug into her past with her family and previous relationships. Eventually, those stories expanded into stories about Meghan’s relationships with the rest of the royals, her treatment of her staff, and all other aspects of her life. Now, it’s come to the point where there are hardly any positive stories in the news about the duchess. 

The two recently did an interview explaining the stress of the rumors

While Meghan and Harry were in Africa in late September, they did an interview with journalist Tom Bradby, where they opened up about the difficulties of life with the media on their backs at all times. Though Harry was used to the press, Meghan has had a very hard time coping with it. She told Bradby that she was “naïve” about how horrible the media could be and that a British friend even warned her not to get involved with the prince. “I didn’t get it,” Meghan said, referring to the difficulties of living under such a bright spotlight.

Archie probably feels his parents’ struggle more than anyone realized

Though it seems like Meghan and Harry are the only ones affected by their battle with the press, another family member could be feeling more pain that we’ve realized: Archie. Meghan and Harry’s young son was with them through their entire tour, and he was probably feeling the stress the same way his mom and dad were. According to a study published in Psychological Science, babies can tell when their mothers are stressed out. And not only can the babies tell, but they’re also directly affected.

Babies tend to mirror their mother’s emotions, so when Meghan is upset or frustrated with the press, those emotions show up in Archie, too. The symptoms of stress often come with increased cardiac stress, which means that Archie’s heart rate increases alongside Meghan’s. Plus, according to, prolonged exposure to stress from a mother can negatively impact a baby’s brain development.

Harry and Meghan are finally fighting back

In an attempt to make things better, Harry and Meghan are finally taking action. They recently announced a massive lawsuit aimed at three British newspapers who have published hurtful stories and rumors about Meghan, including a personal letter she wrote to her father. Plus, the release of the interview shows that Harry and Meghan are working in other ways to try and get the public to see eye to eye with them. They’re attempting to take a stand for their own sanity, though now, there are nonstop stories about how much the lawsuit and interview are affecting their relationship with the rest of the royal family. It seems no matter what Harry and Meghan do, they can’t win over the public.