Meghan Markle’s Sweet Relationship With her Grandmother Proves She’s More Genuine Than We Thought

Meghan Markle hasn’t had an easy time adjusting to royal life. And as a result, she and Prince Harry have since exited the royal family. But Meghan did have a life prior to meeting Harry, and those who are closest to her have always said she’s a genuine person. The duchess’ sweet relationship with her late grandmother makes that even more clear.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Meghan Markle has been negatively portrayed by much of the media

Ever since Meghan and Harry started dating, there have been problems between her and the media. Stories begun to circulate about Meghan’s troubled relationship with most of her family, which led the public to initially get a bad vibe from her. And then, as her relationship with Harry became more serious, the media only continued to pick out stories that would harm the duchess’ reputation.

The public began to read the stories about Meghan, and it made it very difficult for her to develop a good relationship with the United Kingdom’s people.

The duchess’ close friends always had good things to say about her

Despite what the tabloids wrote, Meghan’s friends always stood by her. Though few of them have spoken out about the duchess (likely per the royal family’s request), those who have talked about Meghan have only had good things to say. Meghan is close friends with actresses Jessica Mulroney and Priyanka Chopra, as well as athlete Serena Williams.

Another friend of Meghan’s, Janina Gavankar, told Daily Mail that the duchess “hasn’t changed” since becoming a royal. She said that Meghan is “amazing” and still communicates with her friends over FaceTime whenever she can. And Jessica Mulroney has also spoken out before to defend the duchess when the tabloids become too cruel.

Meghan’s sweet relationship with her late grandmother proves her genuine nature

Meghan had a “special” relationship with her father’s mother, Doris, while she was growing up, according to Meghan’s estranged half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. Markle, who has often had negative things to say about his sister, said that she cared deeply for Doris, who died in 2011.

Doris was living with dementia in a California nursing home, and Thomas told biographer Andrew Morton that the duchess spent as much time with their grandmother as she could — and that Doris would “light up” whenever she saw Meghan, despite having difficulty remembering who Thomas and his father were. Meghan’s close connection with her grandmother shows a side of her that people don’t often see — a side that tends to go unreported by the media.

Harry and Meghan are trying to start over

Meghan and Harry have officially started a new chapter in their lives together. The two exited the royal family on March 31 and recently settled into a home in Malibu, California, with their son, Archie. Meghan has already worked with Disney on one movie project, and she and Harry just launched a new charity initiative called Archewell.

The duke and duchess seem to be enjoying life, though there have been rumors that Harry feels guilty and homesick about leaving the royal family. But time will tell how these two handle living across the pond on their own.