Meghan Markle Took Private Lessons on How to Do These Two Things Before Becoming Royal

Becoming royal can’t be easy. There are a number of traditions and rules of protocol that must be followed. Anyone who marries into the royal family has a lot to learn before their wedding day.

In Meghan Markle’s case, she not only had to learn royal customs but also British culture. Adjusting from being a Hollywood actress to a royal who is held to impeccable standards would take anyone some time.

Since wedding Prince Harry, Markle has made a number of blunders, but she reportedly took lessons on how to do two specific things before joining the royal family.

Markle’s royal faux pas

The media has been quite hard on Markle since she became royal. But really, how many of us would do any better if we were thrust into a royal position like that?

When Markle wore jeans to a game at Wimbledon, the public acted like she had committed murder. And when she hugged Beyonce at the European premiere of The Lion King, people were shocked.

But there have been other, more serious times where Markle’s breaking of protocol was definitely intentional. Like when she chose not to have her baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, like the royal family has done for decades. St. Mary’s is the hospital where Prince William and Prince Harry were born, as well as all of William’s children. Instead, she went with Portland Hospital and chose not to take pictures on the steps like her sister-in-law had.

On the other hand, some of her royal plunders have been well-received by the public and even spurred her husband to follow in her footsteps.

Like last year when Markle arrived at an event at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and closed her own door behind her, the public went absolutely mad with awe at a royal who would do things for herself.

“A princess who still takes the time to shut her car door. Well done Meghan!” Emily Andrews, royal correspondent for The Sun, tweeted at the time.

And now, Harry has also taken to closing his own car door. He most recently did so when attending the fifth anniversary of the Invictus Games ceremony.

While the public may have loved Markle’s rebel spirit in this incident, we are sure the palace’s security detail wasn’t too excited as they usually open the royals’ doors as part of safety protocol.

What did Markle take lessons for?

 Before marrying Harry, Markle took tea lessons with Edmund Fry, an etiquette expert at the Rose Tree Cottage tea room in Pasadena, California.

The lessons lasted two hours, according to Daily Mail.

“She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to come back,” Fry said. “The younger generation doesn’t know what bone china is and certainly doesn’t know anything about how to handle a cup and saucer or how to handle a knife and fork.”

Most of Fry’s patrons take lessons in preparation for big events, not for meals with their grandmother-in-laws.

“They come to us mainly to find out, ‘What should we do, as we are having this social event?'” Fry said of his customers. “The same sort of thing happened with Meghan. She knew she would be having tea with the queen. Here, they really do not know what to do. What we have found is that we give them a little information if they are interested and watch what happens.”