Meghan Markle’s Trick for Her Wedding Look Inspiration Revealed and It’s So Relatable

Meghan Markle was just like any other bride-to-be when she was planning her wedding — well, except for that whole “marrying a prince” thing. Many brides look for inspiration when deciding on their wedding day look and Markle, it turns out, was all over Pinterest for ideas.

Meghan Markle wedding look
Meghan Markle | JONATHAN BRADY/AFP/Getty Images

Markle’s makeup artist shares her wedding day trick

Pinterest has no shortage of inspo for home decorating, recipes, and, yes, wedding day hair and makeup ideas, so it’s a great way to compile images for reference. Even actress and then soon-to-be-duchess Markle found the social media platform helpful, according to her makeup artist and close friend, Daniel Martin.

During an appearance on the beauty podcast Gloss Angeles, Martin shared how Pinterest played a part in planning Markle’s wedding day look, sharing: “I didn’t have a makeup trial with her because we couldn’t make the time.”

He continued: “I knew what she liked and didn’t like. We exchanged Pinterest pictures over text. But I think for anybody, Pinterest is an incredible tool to use as a reference. For a bride, that’s their red carpet moment.”

Martin shared: “And I feel like you can’t stray too far from who you want to be and who you are because the last thing you want to do is look at these pictures and think, ‘I was not comfortable looking like that.’ You still have to have a sense of who you are.”

The inside scoop on Markle’s wedding day beauty

Martin, naturally, was thrilled to help Markle on her big day, noting, “It was like a friend asking me to do her wedding. I didn’t anticipate being asked to the wedding either. It really didn’t hit us, Serge [Normant] and I, until we were in the car and we understood the capacity of what that day was going to be like. We were driving right behind her, and we were just seeing people who had been outside for hours just trying to get a glimpse. That’s when we were like ‘Holy s**t. This is major.’”

Preparing Markle for such a monumental event, one viewed by the world, could possibly have been filled with tension and anxiety, but there were no bridezilla moments that day, according to Martin.

He shared: “[Meghan’s] the most chill person. That morning was just easy. Nothing phased us.”

Markle’s wedding glow was ‘real and natural’

Of course, now Markle’s wedding day hair, makeup, and fashion choices are part of many a bride-to-be’s Pinterest boards.

Her glow was courtesy of a natural makeup look that let her freckles peek through. Martin explained the reason the duchess went that route, telling Glamour in 2018: “She’s very much about keeping her skin as real and natural as possible. Right now in makeup, so much is covered up and masked by contouring, strobing, and creating this false dimension to what you naturally have. On your wedding day you want to look back at your photos and think about how great you felt in your dress and not be distracted by how trendy your makeup was in 2018. I focused on bringing out her best self and elevating it to a level, that you’re not necessarily able to achieve yourself.”

As for her inspiration, Martin explained: “We didn’t have a specific person as our inspiration, but our anchor descriptions were timeless, effortless, and chic. She wanted to look like her best self.”