Does Meghan Markle Write the Posts On Sussex Royal Instagram?

Meghan Markle might have stepped away from the spotlight for her maternity leave; however, that doesn’t mean the Duchess of Sussex has stopped working. While she awaits the arrival of Baby Sussex, Markle has settled into her new home, Frogmore Cottage with her husband Prince Harry, and together the royal couple has launched their own Instagram account.

Since they announced their engagement in Nov. 2017, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared an Instagram account — Kensington Royal –with Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton. However, since the Sussexes recently split their household with the Cambridges, they’ve also opened their very own Instagram account–Sussex Royal. The royal duo already have a robust following of nearly 5 million and many folks are convinced that Markle is writing the Instagram captions herself.

Is Meghan Markle writing the Instagram posts on @SussexRoyal?

Markle was a major fan of social media before entering the British Royal Family. Just before announcing her engagement to Prince Harry, the former actress deleted her lifestyle blog, The Tig and wiped her entire online footprint. With @SussexRoyal, the duchess has the opportunity to speak directly to the public once again.

ITV News Royal editor, Chris Ship believes that Markle is responsible for some of the couple’s more personal Instagram posts. In a recent post where the Sussexes thanked the public for their charitable donations on behalf of Baby Sussex, Ship said, “Meghan thanks those who made charity donations in lieu of baby presents. The Duchess of Sussex has written on the couple’s @instagram page…”

Royal commentator Victoria Murphy suggested that you can tell when Markle posts because of her use of American terms. She said, “Really interesting to see the informal and personal tone the #SussexRoyal social posts use, directly addressing the reader.” Reporter Emily Nash replied to Murphy saying, “And the use of the word ‘diapers’!” Ship followed up saying, “I think Meghan has written most of those Insta posts. And good for her. Why should we not expect the principals to do things directly and personally.”

Is it a good idea for Meghan Markle to be writing her own Instagram posts?

We’re sure that being a member of the British Royal Family, especially as an American and women of color can feel very isolating. Connecting to the public in a positive way might help Markle feel less alone. Ship asked, “Should we not applaud her for her personal and direct involvement? Much better than asking staff to do it, no?”

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle debut the very first photos of Baby Sussex on their new Instagram account?

Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very independent people. With their own household and social media accounts, they will have greater control over their images –including when they will debut photos of Baby Sussex. Since they are keeping detials about their little’s birth private, we think they will use their Sussex Royal Instagram account to debut the first photos of Baby Sussex who is set to arrive any day now.

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