Meghan Markle’s Choice for Archie’s Godmother Finally Revealed

Since Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor has been born, people have been wondering how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been parenting. The Duke and Duchess have been very tight-lipped about everything surrounding baby Archie, which makes sense given how the media reacts to most things that the royal couple does.

One thing many people have been questioning is who Archie’s godparents are, or if they have even been chosen. Markle and Harry have a lot of close friends and family members to choose from, both royal and otherwise.

Who do people think are Archie’s godparents?

A lot of names have been thrown around when it comes to Archie’s godparents.

For a while, people believed that George Clooney, who has always defended Markle and Harry in the media, was Archie’s godfather.

But Clooney cleared all of that up in an interview with Extra.

“Everybody loves their rumors,” he said of people thinking he was the royal baby’s godfather. “It’s not true.”

“You don’t want me to be a godparent of anybody,” he continued. “I’m barely a parent at this point. It’s frightening.”

For godmother, people thought that tennis pro, Serena Williams, was the most likely candidate, given how close she and the Duchess are.

Just before Archie’s christening, Williams was asked about the rumors.  

“Serena, has Meghan asked you to be godmother on Saturday, and are you going?” a reporter asked, according to Metro.

“No, I’m working on Saturday…and she understands work,” Wiliams responded.

Who is Archie’s godmother?

Recently, royal commentator Katie Nicholl revealed who Archie’s godmother actually is in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I was there at the launch and spotted in the audience Isabel May,” she said of the launch of Markle’s charity womenswear collection, Smart Works.

“Who is, in fact, Archie’s Godmother although that’s been kept very, very quiet,” she continued. “She’s a great friend of the Duchess’ and of course she would have known all about this launch.”

Who is Isabel May?

May as Archie’s godmother has not been officially announced, but she is quite close to Markle, so it wouldn’t be very surprising if she were the godmother.

While many people may not know May, she is actually a very successful woman. She was previously the director of communications for Burberry.

She and Markle met through Soho House director, Markus Anderson.

“Izzy is one of Meghan’s dearest and closest friends and she values her friendship so very much,” a source recently told the Daily Mail.

“Izzy keeps their relationship really quiet and very much under the radar. The time they spend together is private. She helped Meghan adjust to life in London when she moved here from Canada.”

Both Markle and May reportedly lean on one another for support.

“Meghan relied on her a lot,” the source continued. “They are just like any two young female friends. They totally support one another and enjoy lots of social activities together.”

There has been no word on who baby Archie’s godfather is. Maybe the Sussexes will end up asking Clooney after all, or they will go in a completely different direction.